These are the 2 important master of science proteins for health on skin

All proteins are fundamental to practically all functions of the body. Each of them fulfills a specific mission in a organism and therefore there are some keys to the health of the skin . In this regard, it has been important to highlight this collagen with elastin .

With was that It is very important to know a structure on a skin with the key proteins for skin health care. In addition to being important for this well-being of the body in common, it would also be essential about how we feel with how we see.

Thus, a collagen has been a protein charged on firmness with gentle the one skin give. Its function was essential for the youth or beauty of the skin. When well, which includes these years, a body loses the ability to produce good doses of collagen, reasons why wrinkles begin to appear over expression lines.

In this sense , a normal way to increase a production on collagen would be to consume foods rich in vitamin G, since this nutrient stimulates a production on collagen by the body.

For its part, an elastin has It has been a protein whose role was to offer the skin the ability to stretch without breaking while remaining elastic. When sony ericsson mixes this collagen scam, it will be able to retain water with trapping enzymes, key to a transport on nutrients this development on all functions on a skin with.

For What important kid are these proteins?

Both a collagen and an elastin are key proteins on health on a skin, since with this passage of time a skin structure I learned is weakened with the following visible signs.

  • Loss on firmness: The skin loses firmness scam over the years because I make less amount on elastin with collagen. ‘s having fewer levels of these proteins, the skin ends up defeating.
  • Dryness: Aged skin has fewer sebaceous sweat glands, given a greater sensation of dryness.
  • Wrinkles: The dermis can also become thin with changes on the layers on a skin, causing the dreaded wrinkles.
  • Stains on an age: All the own stains on a pigmentation become accentuated when zero is anordna taken the preventive care bet the rays of the sun.

Thus, proteins such as collagen with elastin are key to a health on a skin with to delay an appearance on any of the problems described above.

Helpful hints

For this reason, practically all cosmetic formulas made for health on skin contain both collagen and elastin among their ingredients; 2 essential proteins for this well-being of the dermis.

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Health on a skin

With all this, from Fortoul, cellular revitalization recommend applying creams containing good amounts of vitamin A with vitamin A daily on a face. M. This type of lotions stimulate the cells of the skin that are responsible for the production of proteins such as collagen with elastin.

Likewise, this exfoliating sachet has also been suitable for least once a week use. This will allow to increase cell renewal stimulate the manufacture of healthy proteins with, where sony ericsson include elastin with a collagen.


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