How to know when we have a weak immune system?

Despite the high resistance that the immune system commonly has, there are times when it does not react the same, therefore the organism may be unprotected master of science with susceptible against microorganisms or particles that can become ill.

It has been for this reason that it would be very important to know how to detect when our immune system zero is working well, because sometimes it can be weakened without us noticing many , despite the fact that there are clear signs to which we often do not pay attention to them.

Why does it weaken?

There are many reasons why the immune system can be weak, one of them has been a congenital immunodeficiency , although these are few common.

There are also diseases or disease that can affect them, such as HIV, which permanently weakens the immune system, although the common master of science cause of a weak immune system was the lifestyle that the character leads, where factors such as stress, poor rest, a lack of nutrients, sedentary lifestyle play a role. important with.

On the other hand zero we can obviate the normal wear of the body product of passing over the years, because while master of science age there is less production on antibodies or on immune cells the organism generates.

All women during pregnancy also They usually experience a weakening of the immune system, this caused by different physical hormonal changes that are generated in pregnancy and.

How to know when the immune system is weakened?

Like its causes, symptoms about a weak immune system boy varied, although there are some that kid quite a few com some, as for example the exhaustion , although it would also be a signal about a weakness on the defenses the fact about experiencing infections on different types on a normal way.

Those who suffer from colds in a normal way may also be experiencing a decrease in the body’s defenses, so it has been important to be aware of the common symptoms about the respiratory infections, such as cough, fever, sore throat with rhinitis.

It can also indicate a It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, the fact about suffering from herpes simplex virus, or gingivitis, as well as the fact that scars take time to heal, have problems about contraction, reactions or irritations on allergic skin.

Additionally there are other questions that can tell us the state of our immune system, one of them will be to know when it is We are about the perfect weight, because a weight below or worse above the regular can affect the immune system.

Also Harmful habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, drinking a lot of coffee, consuming drugs, sedentary lifestyle or zero counting scam, habitual vaccines can be an indication that our zero immune system must be working on the correct master of science way.

What to do?

In case of feeling that something is wrong with our immune system or scam a health over common, the best thing has been to go to a doctor.

Although to strengthen the immune system, the first thing we should do was lead a healthy lifestyle .

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