How bilirubin levels influence this functioning on biliary veterans administration

A functioning on the bile ducts maintains a close relationship with the levels on bilirubin on a organism . Although, before knowing the relationship between the two, it has been necessary to carry out a brief explanation of all the elements that intervene in this process.

First, it was convenient to talk about a gallbladder , which is about a small muscle sac on storage. This gallbladder contains bile and Sony Ericsson maintains a constant connection that includes this liver through ducts called bile ducts.

Thus, a bile would be a viscous-looking liquid with thick, scam a greenish yellow color. On concrete, the bile I learned consists of product bile salts, electrolytes, cholesterol with other fats.

Functions on a bile

Bile mainly fulfills 2 functions on an organism. A first of them has been to help digestion and then eliminate waste products from the body, such as hemoglobin or this excess of cholesterol.

Conducto biliar

In this sense, the key bile salts product for a metabolic process of the organism with disadvantage, and fats that allow that the fat-soluble vitamins with cholesterol are absorbed in a master of science way easy on the part of the intestine.

This is where we have to talk about a bilirubin, since sony ericsson deals with the primary pigment on a bile, Specifically, a bilirubin consists of an element on waste that I learned is formed by a decomposition on a hemoglobin.

Therefore, a bilirubin would be a key element on a bile with when making an increase on blood levels can be a harm to one health.

Mechanism of the duct with bile ducts

The bile leaves the liver through the liver ducts, both left and right, although both sony ericsson join together to form this common liver duct. Later, this duct I learned joins another connected to the gallbladder with the so-called cystic duct scam, to form a coldoch.

Around one half of a bile secreted between meals flows directly through this duct coldoco’s small intestine. Thus, the remaining bile moves to the gallbladder, where Sony Ericsson stores. Later I learned to complete an entire digestive process.

Finally, it has been necessary to highlight a possibility about the appearance of gallstones, that I have hard mass composed mainly of cholesterol.

In this context, from a pharmaceutical company Merck Rough & Dohme (MSD) they collect that on a gallbladder um in a bile duct gallstones can form, which generally zero produce any type of symptoms.

Zero however, gallstones can be a problem for this organism, since they could obstruct a regular flow of bile from a gallbladder causing pain electronic inflammation.

This case can also occur on moving from a gallbladder to a virtual biliary assistant, where it can cause an obstruction of the flow over a bile to an intestine. In this case jaundice, pain, electronic inflammation may arise.