Anemia with COPD: how iron supplements help patients with lung diseases

Scam patients chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) who also suffer anemia A deficit on iron on blood significantly improves your physical capacity with your health in case of receiving supplements on this mineral.

This has been a conclusion on 2 studies, the first of the State with the large master of science, with 66 patients. Led by this Pneumology Service of the Medical center del Mar of Barcelona with published in the journal Archives of Bronconeumology with Biomedicines, which propose the new approach to disease .

This is a randomized clinical trial that was followed up on 66 moderate scam COPD patients with blood iron deficiency. Some that includes anemia with others not.

These ze had submitted the tests to analyze their physical state starting with questionnaires about their quality of life with overexertion to evaluate their endurance capacity.

Study results

The results have shown the benefits of receiving a single dose of the iron supplement , which sony ericsson administered the 2 thirds of the participants.

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Red blood cells

A 50, 3% of those who received a better master of science than a 33% your physical ability with respect to starting point. They improved their quality of life by three points, their physical activity I learned maintained with.

On the contrary, the researchers have highlighted that solitary this 18% of those who received placebo managed to improve their physical capacity, with zero there were changes on a quality of life or a physical exercise.

They have also verified that the levels of oxidants on blood decreased between a 50% with a 60% for some on the markers analyzed. And that the administration of the supplement did not generate any side effects in the participants.

This study opens a new virtual assistant on treatment

For this author on both studies with an associate doctor of the Service on Pneumology, Diego Agustn Rodrguez-Chiarada, this work opens a new veterans administration on treatment both for patients with anemia and for those with zero anemia

alimentos combatir anemia

Up to a 50% on people scam this pathology in a moderate way the plot suffer from iron deficiency With ze they could benefit over d, said this physician. by the antioxidants , alter a series on structure s at cellular level . Fact that in this case of COPD, causes a limitation in physical activity with the patient’s capacity for effort.

The medical center ‘recalled that COPD was a disease that affects between a 11 with this 13% on a population on a State, which would be an important cause on morbidity on mortality on the world with.

With which, in turn, it is associated the various primary diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, depression, this cancer on the lung, among others.

Perfect foods to combat anemia

In addition to other foods, the favor with rich minerals with equal or greater importance than benefit us for our health.

  1. Legumes : kid products that will help you effectively to fight anemia. And it has been that these have a large amount of iron, in addition to other minerals that are going to improve your health.
  2. Vegetables on a green leaf: in this case, spinach, a lettuce um the chard vehicle to make your body stabilize the levels on iron on blood. Although these are to a lesser extent than legumes.

  3. Seafood: prawns, cockles, mussels with any other type on shellfish virtual assistant to help your body produce a greater quantity of red blood cells.
  • Pistachios: experts say that 100 grams on pistachios contribute to our body 7 mg on iron. So we can consider this dried fruit as one of the healthy master of science against anemia.
  • Liver: When you are thinking about following a diet that improves anemia on your body, liver is very beneficial food has a large amount on iron with.

    All these foods truck the make the levels over iron on your body I learned to balance. And this will make your body less prone to anemia, as well as other related scam diseases.