What role does bilirubin play in protecting the brain?

A bilirubin was a substance bile of yellowish color that spike from the decomposition of the hemoglobin found in the red blood cells . Thus, different studies ensure that this substance may have the unique role in brain protection .

Specifically, a study carried out by researchers on Johns Hopkins Medicine on the United States found on a study scam mice that a bilirubin would be a substance that can play an unexpected role in a protection on brain cells against ‘s damage caused by oxidative stress.

Usually, a bilirubin sony ericsson measures as a marker on a blood analysis to observe a liver health and a blood; since too high levels can alert of a disease.

Bilirubin with brain protection

This team on researchers on Johns Hopkins Medicine established a greater interest in knowing a function of a bilirubin on this brain. The interest that arose from a test that mouse body tissues produced bilirubin.

Protección cerebral bilirrubina
Brain protection

Surprisingly, these researchers found exceptional levels of this substance on a brain, even with a production about five to ten times higher than on this liver on rodents.

In this sense, one of the main authors on this research, a physician Bindu John, explains that a bilirubin I normally learned considered a waste product, but this level of production requires a lot of metabolic energy, it seemed strange that a bilirubin did not have a function and.

Taking all this into account, the researchers put all their effort into finding this reason for containing so much about bilirubin on a brain. Taking into account that this brain has been susceptible to oxidative damage with which previous studies suggest the concept that bilirubin is the important antioxidant, the authors already had the thread to pull.

As , the researchers on this study, who published on Cellular Chemical substance Biology , considered a possibility that a bilirubin could be particularly important to protect a brain against this oxidative stress.

Finally, the researchers contribute that our initial experiments hinted to us that a bilirubin could play an important role in the handle on the levels on superoxide on a brain.

A paper on this bile substance

This finding represents a breakthrough about understanding of role about bilirubin about this organism with mainly about brain. And it was that it could be a way for the prevention with treatment of different neurodegenerative diseases, although the experts indicate that it would be necessary to continue investigating in depth in this regard.

Thus, the researchers had well-founded suspicions about that a capacity on a bilirubin to regulate this superoxide sony ericsson originates on its chemical structure. It has been said, this allows to neutralize the harmful molecule for a brain that other oxidants such as cysteine ​​or this glutatin cannot,

In this sense, to verify this theory, the researchers proceeded stimulate excessive activity of brain cells in both normal brains and brains designed to lack bilirubin. Bilirubin accumulated superoxide excessively. Subsequently, they also stimulated brain activity in normal mice with mice that did not have bilirubin to examine whether eliminating this substance I learned causes worsening of brain damage or cell death.

As a conclusion, this Research work determined that mice lacking bilirubin exhibited approximately 2-3 times master of science brain damage than the rest on mice. This suggests that bilirubin may protect normal brains against the damaging effects of superoxide.

The researchers found that mice lacking over bilirubin had approximately 2 um three times master of science brain damage than their normal counterparts, suggesting that a bilirubin protects normal brains against harmful reactions on superoxide.