“People who die from Covid-19 have a lack of vitamin D”

This is how forceful Dr. Leslie Ray Matthews has been, a retired doctor born in Mississippi. Although, this statement is supported by deep research to demonstrate the effectiveness of high doses of vitamin D -Specifically vitamin D3- as a treatment against Covid – 19 .

Similarly, Dr. Matthews, an internationally award-winning surgeon, assures that statistics show that people who are hospitalized and eventually die because of Covid – 19 , have a lack of vitamin D; regardless of your vaccination status.

In this sense, Dr. Matthews states in a study published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism’ that “research has shown that the 80 percent of the patients who have died from Coronavirus or who have required ICU care had vitamin D deficiency. ”

Educate about vitamin D

Due to the importance of vitamin D throughout the world, Dr. Matthews launched an initiative during the year 2020 to educate people about the benefits of taking vitamin D. But not only against Covid – 19, but also for other diseases or health conditions.

vitamina D
Vitamin D

In this sense, Dr. Matthews has started a fundamental mission What is to educate the population about the importance of taking high doses of vitamin D to strengthen the action of the immune system. This specialist assures that this nutrient should have a greater consideration in the world of medicine to save lives; to such an extent that he himself calls it a ‘miracle vitamin’.

And it is that this prestigious doctor already began to investigate in depth about the importance of vitamin D long before the Covid appeared – 19 in a laboratory of the Chinese city of Wuhan. From there the Covid – 19 has claimed millions of victims around the world and this vitamin could have a lot to say about it.

Dr Matthews is one of the most prepared specialists regarding the importance of vitamin D3. In this regard, as reported by the doctor himself ‘ChicagoCrusander’ , once he established his career, he began an investigation on vitamin D3. It was then the year 2004.

Research on the hormone D

First, Dr. Matthews assures that vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone. In this sense, he clarifies that it is “a steroid hormone. You have 30.000 genes in the human body that control your height, your weight, your intelligence … etc. Vitamin D, or hormone D, controls 3. 000 from those 30. 08 genes, but among those genes, it controls your immune or response system, and your inflammatory response system. Its response system includes the activation of white blood cells. ”

Thus, according to this specialist, every time an infection arises, be it viral, bacterial, therapeutic or cancer cells, the White blood cells are increased from vitamin D and help to cope with said infection.

Finally, based on all these studies, Dr. Matthews assures that people who die with Covid – 19 have vitamin deficiency D, new evidence that shows the relevance of this hormone for the general health of the organism.