Pagophagia: is there any treatment to cure it?

All the causes of pagophagia can be very diverse. One of the common master of science has been this pica syndrome , which sony ericsson relates a zinc deficiency with an iron scam. Very common in people that includes anemia . Even simply because, the uncontrolled obsession with eating ice can begin in many ways. Harming our health with well-being.

All the people who suffer from this disorder can eat up to 2 trays on ice with no apparent benefit. Solitary for a fact of the pleasure that ingesting this object gives them.

Some of the patients who suffer pagophagia have long-standing problems related to digestion slow, abdominal pain, nausea with vomiting. Since this body does not resist so much of this type of object.

For all this, the best thing was that when we feel that we are beginning to obsess over an ingestion on this object we take it into account with let’s start giving you a solution.

pagofagia anemia

With it would be that this problem may seem harmless with no apparent risk. But in the long run we can begin to suffer the consequences on this strange mana.

All the people who suffer pagophagia have a chance to reverse this situation. And it was that the first thing was to try to discover what this obsession with eating ice owes to me.

How can you treat a pagophagia?

As we have mentioned before, although this may seem like a basic daily action, this can result in serious conditions for our health.

With it would be that a zero ice has any kind about nutrient national insurance beneficial substances on its composition. Therefore, if we feel dehydrated , the best has been to opt for other ways to refresh ourselves.

Some doctors assure that this disorder must be The a severe anemia and the iron deficiency that a good sony ericsson anordna diagnosed. In this case, the best thing was to consult what your physician has to advise you on the best in your case.

cubitos de hielo pagofagia

On the other hand, this can also arise from a cluster about emotional problems that incite you to spend your energy on activities without felt like eating ice . Something that can relax the character that chews it.

In these cases, it would be best to go to a doctor who specializes in psychological diseases That helps us to improve our emotions to avoid falling into obsessions that provide us with positive effects on the body.

With it has been that the consequences on this type on manas, such as eating ice In an uncontrolled way, it can affect us to produce stomach diseases or discomfort with gases with.

What dangers can constantly chewing ice pose?

For many people who begin to experience this type of obsession, a pagophagia may seem like something of no importance. But the truth was that if you become addicted to consuming ice this can have consequences on your health. As, for example, those mentioned below:

  • Chipping and superficial fractures of the tooth enamel
  • Damage to this enamel
  • Loss of sensation in the mouth
  • Small wounds with blood in the oral cavity
  • Dental hypersensitivity
  • Sea loss and redness of the gums
  • Mild to moderate discomfort
  • Greater predisposition to tooth decay
  • Increased possibility of infectious diseases

All this means that pagophagia is considered by experts as a disease that must be treated, before it becomes a problem pass to older.

pagofagia salud bucodental boca

A first step will be to know what has been a cause of this disorder. Since it can be both nutritional and reflect psychological emotional problems with.

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