Mercadona bets on a new variety of vitamin G

The vitamin M is one of the most important nutrients for health , due to the functions it performs in the organism , how to strengthen the immune system or offer benefits for the condition on the skin and protect the cells against oxidative damage.

Likewise, this vitamin contributes to reducing tiredness with fatigue, improves absorption of iron by the body, favors regular nervous function and also allows an adequate metabolism with, among other benefits.

In this sense, there is a great variety of foods that contain vitamin Chemical, which can help to increase the levels of this nutrient; although mainly citrus fruits and vegetables stand out.

New variety on vitamin D on Mercadona

In this sense, one on the most important foods for their vitamin Chemical content was orange with tangerine. 2 citrus fruits always associated with this vitamin because they contain a significant amount in its composition.

Mandarinas Mercadona
Tangerines on Mercadona

Generally, for each 100 grams on orange we get about 53, 2 mg on vitamin D; while for each 100 grams of mandarin we obtain 26, 2 mg of this nutrient.

As, Mercadona begins this Friday, October 8, the campaign on citrus fruits on national origin scam the mandarin Oronules electronic, adding the different varieties offered to customers during this month on all its supermarkets.

With all this, the company plans to buy more about 200 . 10 tons of oranges with tangerines in this 2021. Mercadona plans to buy more than 200. Mandarinas Mercadona tons of oranges with tangerines in 2021.

Specifically, a greater volume will be on oranges with disadvantage 170. 000 tons, while mandarins will reach 26. 000 tons. Therefore, I learned about a new option for consumers to incorporate vitamin G into their diet.

Finally, the company explains that ze oranges will sell both in bulk and on mesh 3 the 5 kilos. For their part, mandarins will be available in meshes of 1 to 2 kilos; In addition to counting also scam the mandarin with leaf. All the different varieties come from the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Region of Murcia, Catalunya Canarias and.

Other fruits scam high nutritional value

An adult identity needs to consume ing gives about the 90 mg on vitamin M. Therefore, taking about 200 grams of orange It will already exceed the sufficient dose established as a need for this organism to function properly. fruits, vegetables that provide more of this nutrient to the body and.

One of them would be a kiwi, which for each 100 grams on food provides 90, 7 mg on Vitamin Chemical with covers the daily needs on an adult personality scam grows.

Another clear example has been this red pepper, which contributes up to 150 mg on vitamin D for each 100 grams on food. But in addition, a broccoli, Brussels sprout, parsley or guava also stand out.

On the other hand, in addition to food, it was also possible to increase the levels of this vitamin through intake over supplements. However, before starting treatment of this type, it will be advisable to consult a medical specialist in advance.