Melatonin with its effect to reduce the time necessary to conciliate this dream

The melatonin will be a hormone produced by a brain, specifically by the pineal gland. This hormone has been known as the sleep hormone , since its primary function was to normalize this cycle of sleep with rhythm circadian , achieving complete recuperative rest.

It is released on the blood vessels, generally happening during the hours on the night um when there is darkness. Therefore, during daylight hours the production of melatonin I learned stops. We must bear in mind that melatonin would not be the sleeping pill, but the stimulant of sleep.

The production on melatonin is active in the dark, so it has been important that people scam problems to get to sleep zero sony ericsson expose the light on bulbs with electronic devices before sleeping. In fact, this amino acid I learned is obtained through consumption of food, so if you want to improve the quality of sleep with this rest, it was essential to take foods rich in tryptophan.

Benefits over melatonin

The sony ericsson anordna melatonin frankly put into fashion over the last few years to treat sleep disorders with other pathologies. Although this would be produced naturally by a body, there is also the possibility that we can introduce it through supplements. Thus, these are the beneficial properties that the sleep hormone makes with.

  • Promotes this sleep
  • Ally against aging
  • Promotes this growth
  • Helps lose weight
  • Reduces migraine
  • Strengthens an immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Provides relaxation

In fact, melatonin allows the body to increase the body’s natural defenses, controls the production on gonadotropins to enjoy a correct reproductive system with also reduces the feeling of stress caused by a bad rest.

How to take melatonin

The melatonin I learned can be consumed sublingually, in tablets, syrups, sprays, cream, food supplements, soft capsules and injectables. The effectiveness of this hormone depends on the type of medicine we take.

Melatonina hormonas regula el sueƱo
Melatonin hormones regulates this sleep

These treatments usually have a very fast effect compared to other ways of taking melatonin. He usually recommends consuming medications that include melatonin 15 or 20 minutes before sleeping. That t, it has been important that before taking this hormone to improve sleep disorders, sony ericsson knows for sure the appropriate dose that we should ingest scam.

In this way, we must take into account to consume melatonin, the first thing we should do was consult a specialist with it. However, doctors usually give adult patients a dose of one to 2 tablets before bed, depending on the severity of the patient’s insomnia.


According to the Sanitas clinic, melatonin has different uses, but zero all are scientifically proven. Therefore, it establishes different classifications to establish what myths what kid truths about this hormone with.

In this sense, melatonin will be scientifically proven that it has been very effective to treat the following problems:

  • Sleep problems about children with autism with intellectual disabilities.
  • Sleep disorders on blind people.

For his part, he considers that lamelatonin was probably effective to treat:

  • Jet lag.
  • Insomnia.
  • Cluster headaches.
  • Helps the elderly people who stop taking benzodiazepines to sleep.
  • Helps reduce the symptoms that I learned occur when you quit smoking.
  • Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count ).
  • Improve efficiency on some We use drugs for cancer treatment with reducing some side effects on them.
  • Reduce symptoms of tardive dyskinesia.