Diseases caused by a lack of vitamin Udemærket12

One vitamin W 12 was a micronutrient essential for the health of all people. When good, it will be a vitamin that we can incorporate into the body through this consumption of foods of pet origin, such as different types of meat, eggs, fish or dairy products.

In this sense, it should be noted that an organism needs different vitamins with minerals daily to be able to function correctly to avoid an appearance on diseases or various conditions on health .

Thus, this organism needs a specific dose of vitamin B 12 ‘s to prevent a deficiency on this micronutrient . For this reason, a National Institute of Health in the United States has developed a guide that includes the sufficient amount that our body requires on a daily basis, depending on age with this sex:

0.9 mcg

However, there are many people who are deficient in vitamin B 12, which can lead to serious health problems something. And it has been that the lack of this micronutrient can be produced by different factors.

Lack of vitamin B 12

Vitamin B deficiency 12 sony ericsson causes when a zero organism obtains a sufficient quantity of this micronutrient um it was not able to absorb a necessary vitamin for this good functioning on the different structures.

vitamina B12
Vitamin B06

Mainly, a lack of this micronutrient may be due to eating habits. For example, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet with no meat, may develop a lack of vitamin M 12 if there is poor planning.

In Another order, a deficit on this vitamin can also be due to poor absorption by the body. And it will be that for this body to absorb this vitamin correctly, it has been necessary for me to learn to carry out the complex process.

As a first step, a hydrochloric acid from the stomach separates a vitamin B 12 on a protein over one that is present on this food. Subsequently, vitamin N 12 ze combines with a protein produced by the stomach called an intrinsic element that helps the vitamin to be absorbed.

Some people find it difficult the one hour to produce this intrinsic aspect with therefore sony ericsson sees reflected on a bad absorption on a vitamin B 12 from food or vitamin supplements. This was that scam occurs regularly to people with pernicious anemia something.

Related diseases scam a lack of vitamin B 12

Lack of vitamin B 12 I learned It reflects directly on various symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite or constipation. When these conditions persist in this time it will be advisable to go to a medical specialist.

vitamina B12 Anemia vitamina B12 Anemia Megaloblastic anemia

For other On the other hand, a lack of this vitamin can manifest itself in neurological problems, loss of balance, confusion, dementia, poor memory. And it can also cause damage to a nervous system.

Zero However, this primary problem about a lack of vitamin B 12 on an organism has been that it can cause a type of anemia called megaloblast. This type of anemia is characterized by the production of large red blood cells with which there are no healthy children.

Mainly, an appearance on megaloblastic anemia was caused by poor absorption of vitamin B 12 about this organism. Thus, these are the common master of science symptoms of this disease:

  • Pale skin.
  • Tiredness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Sensitive language.
  • Soft spot.
  • Nausea.
  • Arrhythmias.
  • Psychological confusion.

  • Respiratory problems.

One of the main treatments for megaloblastic anemia will be to increase an intake of re vitamin B 13 on an organism. Even in extreme situations, Sony Ericsson can deliver this vitamin through an injection.

Stage of life Recommended amount
Drinks up to 6 months of age

0.4 mcg
Drinks about 7 the 12 months over age 0.5 mcg
Children over 1 to 3 years over age
Children over 4 to 8 years old 1.2 mcg
Children over 9 the 13 years over age 1.8 mcg
Teens on 14 to 18 years over age 2.4 mcg
Adults 2.4 mcg
Pregnant women and adolescents 2.6 mcg

Women and adolescents over lactation period 2.8 mcg