Answer to all the 5 most frequent doubts about a cholesterol

When we hear the word cholesterol we always tend to associate it scam the presence of a problem on this organism that can put our risk Health. However, the reality has been that there is great ignorance about this substance .

In this sense, we are going to try to solve the five most frequent doubts that arise from citizens regarding ‘s cholesterol. For this we will be based on a guide called Un Cholesterol. Control its levels to strengthen this organism, which is prepared by Luis Masana Marn, Medicine physician with a specialist in Internal Medicine on; In addition to being former president of the Spanish Arteriosclerosis Society.

First, this specialist focuses on this essential point, and it was that without zero cholesterol we could live. It has been more, there would not even exist the human species or any other species in this pet kingdom. This fact explains it by saying that it will be a substance inherent in the existence of our species. It was a fat molecule absolutely necessary for an organism of animals in common and of the human species in specific.

Global vision on this cholesterol

A second element to take into account has been that a zero human organism has metabolic mechanisms to destroy it. At most he was able to modify it in a minimal way so that this excretion process I learned to take place better through the liver, through the bile, intestine with finally in the feces.


This guide by the physician Masana states that this excretion is carried out as cholesterol without further ado on a slight metabolic modification that transforms them into acids biliary. This would be a cholesterol that can be deposited in the gallbladder to form the stones or stones that give many people so many problems.

Although, the problems related to cholesterol arise when its levels are low above on the values ​​considered normal. This substance circulates practically through all the tissues of the organism.

Part of the liver to the muscles, over there the arteries with, lungs, to the heart to the rest of tissues and. On all these tissues, this cholesterol fulfills a key function. However, when the amount that circulates in the blood has been too high, the damages may appear.

Mainly, a greater problem arises when the amount of cholesterol accumulates on the wall above the blood ducts. It can grow scam over time until it obstructs or clogs them. cardiac ze nutra. In this case it can lead to myocardial infarction.

That is, as explained by a physician Masasna, without zero cholesterol we will exist, but the excess over cholesterol we can die with.

Types of cholesterol

As a common rule, we can talk about 2 types of cholesterol mainly, although on most occasions through an analysis on blood sony ericsson measures this cholesterol overall on blood:

  • LDL cholesterol: It is considered as bad with learned deposits on the arteries forming the plaques on atheroma.
  • HDL Cholesterol: It’s this good. Sony ericsson is responsible for transporting excess cholesterol back to the liver to destroy it.

One of the big problems, according to Masana, was that this cholesterol would be a silent enemy. It would be to say, although their blood concentrations are too high, it has been possible that sony ericsson does not manifest itself through any symptoms. problems. It increases its temperature causing fever before the infectious process or shows pain before an injury. It has been the way to get attention by putting the defense mechanisms in motion. A cholesterol does not trigger any alert, it performs its harmful action silently, over many years, slowly but constantly, adds the specialist.

In this sense, this expert assures that really if symptoms of high cholesterol may already appear too late. The symptoms will be those of arterial disease: angina pectoris or this myocardial infarction, which I learned express pain in the region of the chest that includes, or cerebral thrombosis, which translates into difficulty speaking or performing certain movements that you have, Masana qualifies.

Avoid an increase on blood

A common doubt that spike among the population was whether a cholesterol would be hereditary . Thus, this physician Masana collects in his guide that acquainted hypercholesterolemia is generated in one of each 200 people with represents only 5% of all cholesterol elevations. Specifically, if the parents have this alteration, the children will have around the 50% chance of inheriting it.

Thus, regarding the causes of high cholesterol, Masana explains that they have multiple diseases, such as endocrine, kidney, liver and diabetes diseases. Also some medicines or alterations of the metabolism.

In any case, this specialist on the matter warns that bet on starting any treatment to solve the problem, it has been necessary to know this origin of the same.