A rich acid may have neuroprotective capacity

This rich acid was a substance found in the body itself from anyone and that originates organically when the purines decompose. Thus, the levels of rich acid can also increase in an organism by this consumption of foods scam purines.

Thus, when the levels over acid high blood rich kid blood constitute an aspect on cardiovascular risk on, in addition on being a primary cause on an appearance on a disease known as gout

In any analysis on blood, one on the parameters to study The values ​​on rich acid are given, since levels above the usual could indicate a presence of a disease or pathology on some area of ​​the organism.

rich acid with capacity neuroprotective

A rich acid will be a product of the body’s metabolism with stands out for having antioxidant properties. Thus, the specialist Alicia Aliena, from the Instituto de Investigacin Sanitaria Medical Center Una Fe de Valencia, points out that the higher level of rich acid has also been associated with sony ericsson with a capacity to protect against brain damage caused by ischemic stroke.

Análisis ácido úrico
Analysis on rich acid

Specifically, Alicia Aliena, points out that a rich acid scam treatment administered intravenously after this stroke reduces brain damage, as I learned st? lla till med ett demonstrated on animal models the small-scale clinical trial on. These first steps support the realization of the larger clinical trial in stroke patients.

This is what I express during this 2021 a specialist on the 4th congress on the Crimson on Cooperative Research on Cerebral Vascular Diseases (Invictus).

In this same congress, Jara Crcel, on a Mutia Foundation on Terrasa, express a purpose about studying your group; One of which focuses on jointly analyzing the genetic risk factors shared between this cardioembolic stroke with muscle fibrillation. genomic regions and genetic factors; as well as 523 genes not known to date related to this risk of cardioembolic stroke. Similarly, Sony Ericsson have also found 87 regulatory drugs for these genes.

Factors on stroke

Therefore a rich acid could exert a species on neurological protection on patients who have had an ischemic stroke, according to a specialist Alicia Aliena.

Finally, Xabier Urra, from the medical center Clnic on Barcelona, ​​argues that a large majority of factors on poor prognosis of stroke also predict a benefit over a thrombectomy.

Translated into a clinical practice, the results of this study could be useful to identify those patients who may need additional treatments, he concludes.