What is the fruit that contributes the most amount of potassium to the body?

The potassium is a mineral essential for the body due to the different functions it fulfills in it. Thus, to know if we have adequate levels of this mineral , it is necessary to perform a blood analysis .

Specifically, the body requires potassium for practically all its general functioning. It is true that it is key to muscle function and contraction, although it also plays an essential role in the proper activity of the kidney or heart.

Fortunately, this mineral is found in a wide variety of food, from fruits and vegetables, to meat and fish, through legumes or dairy products. Although, due to their nutritional value, fruits and vegetables are the most appropriate option to incorporate potassium into the body.

Banana and potassium

If you were asked about a food rich in potassium, you would surely answer the banana or banana. And is that the banana is one of the fruits most associated with this mineral, but does a banana contain so much potassium?


The truth is that yes. Specifically, the banana is the natural fruit that contains the highest amount of potassium. Specifically, it provides some 382 mg of this mineral for each 100 grams of food.

According to the Institute National Health Institute of the United States, an adult man needs a daily dose of approximately 3400 mg of potassium, while an adult woman requires around a 2600 mg.

Therefore, the consumption of banana is beneficial to reach a sufficient quantity that The body needs it on a daily basis to perform its functions correctly.

Thus, that is why many athletes eat bananas before carrying out a high intensity physical activity. And it is that this mineral improves physical performance and favors a better recovery.

Other fruits rich in this mineral

Between Fruits, another great source of potassium is kiwi, which also provides a significant amount of vitamin C to the body, even above the contribution produced by orange.

Specifically, each 100 grams of potassium provide 295 mg of potassium, assuming one of the best fruits in terms of its contribution in this mineral. Likewise, this proportion of food also provides 92 , 7 mg of vitamin C.

Although it is not a fruit as such, it is also necessary to highlight the potato, a food of plant origin that provides some 333 mg of potassium for each 100 grams of food. Therefore. It is another great food source of this mineral.

Melon and apricot are two other great fruits in terms of their potassium content. They provide 333 mg and 280 mg respectively, for each 100 grams of food.

We could not miss a food such as mushrooms on this list either. They are not a fruit either, but they do have plant origin. Although, the most important thing in this aspect is its high potassium content, since in a serving of 100 grams provides up to 418 mg of this mineral.

In addition, mushrooms are one of the few foods that provide vitamin D to the body, an essential nutrient for its functioning. On the other hand, it is rich in selenium and has remarkable antioxidant properties.