What does honey do in the throat?

Lifetime honey has been considered one of the natural remedies for the common cold and to end the throat pain. Therefore, in this article we are going to see why honey is good for the throat , just like taking an antibiotic .

In fact, a study published by ‘The BMJ’ showed that honey is a reasonable substitute for antibiotics to treat acute respiratory infections and sore throats. Researchers have found that honey is “more effective and less harmful” than standard alternatives and “prevents harm through drug resistance.”

Honey is one of the first home remedies that are used to end a persistent cough or certain sore throats that can become very annoying. In the event that you maintain the cough for several days even though you have already healed, continuing to take antibiotics could be counterproductive for your health, so honey becomes our best ally.

These are the benefits of honey in the throat

Taking honey can relieve a sore throat, that is a reality. In case you love its flavor, you can simply take a tablespoon and you will begin to notice the improvement. Another very common way of consumption is to combine it with tea and lemon.

It is much healthier to take honey before medicinal pills for a sore throat. Thus, honey is a natural suppressant of coughs and sore throats, being also a great help for the immune system when it comes to fighting throat infection.

Remedios caseros para el dolor de garganta
Home remedies for sore throat

However, honey not only prepares the body to stop infection, but also relieves pain from throat immediately. In fact, apart from achieving this effect, it also helps to cure other types of symptoms related to the flu or the common cold. In case your discomfort comes from the flu, the ideal would be to take eucalyptus honey. On the other hand, if what we want is to soften it, the best option is royal jelly honey.

Most used home remedies to relieve a sore throat

In addition to honey, there are a series of home and traditional remedies to end this common pain. However, if this is accompanied by other symptoms such as persistent cough, feeling of fatigue, shortness of breath or fever, we must go immediately to the doctor to rule out any major illness:

  • Protect the throat area whenever you go out to the street.
  • Drink hot drinks to soothe a sore throat.
  • Gargle with salt water to hydrate the vocal cords and contribute to better well-being.
  • Hot honey with lemon
  • Mint Infusion

In most cases, sore throats do not cause serious health problems, which tend to get better as the days go by. Despite this, the days that we are affected are very annoying and any remedy to end this pain is welcome.