Why would smell be important to children?

The sense of smell has been one of the great forgotten when stimulating a child in his childhood. However, few know that smell was essential for humans to begin to understand the world around them. In fact, babies already smell with their nose from the womb, being able to identify their mother when they are born.

Unlike a In view, which takes a few months to focus, the sense of smell on a baby is developed from the first time it is born with parents who can use it to connect their children with scam. Thus, there are 2 ways to develop smell: Through food with language.

Stimulate smell through food with language

Smell has a direct relationship with a meal because a nose and a mouth are connected by a larynx. When the sense of smell fails, food loses flavor, this happens for example when we have colds.

As smell has to do with how humans experience taste, a baby accustomed to different smells be less prone to trying new foods. Therefore, being familiar with different smells allows children to be encouraged to try new foods.

On the other hand, one other way to develop the sense of smell would be language. Smells are ephemeral it has been extremely difficult to describe it scam an imagination with. However, we must ask the children to describe 2 or three smells to train their vocabulary.

We must take into account that bet this question zero there are incorrect answers with the children must choose colors , images and metaphors that describe the smell achieve. As they get older, their descriptions will be accurate master of science to help them a lot of an hour about learning new vocabulary with.

How to stimulate the sense of smell in children

In order to stimulate smell in children there are different methods that parents can use. One of them was to ask children who smell, for example, when we go to the park. Thus, we can ask them to describe the smells of grass or flowers, keeping in mind that young children do not usually distinguish between good and bad smells, which will serve to educate them to make the distinction.

Another method can be carried out while you are in a kitchen. Parents often give the children herbs condiments that they smell with and nibble with. In this way, the child smell with the parents can describe the smell of the grass so that the children learn to differentiate smells.

Finally, we can also play a memory game with smells on chunks on cotton. Thus, we can put perfumes, soap or fragrant oils, letting the child to sniff his nose with find a match between different scam cottons. That t, we must avoid that sony ericsson put cotton in the mouth with which I learned to dedicate only to smell.