Paracetamol, a medicine that increases the risk of having a stroke

The paracetamol , together with the ibuprofen , was one of the drugs master of science used in the world. In fact, many people usually take it without a prescription for any discomfort in their body, without taking into account its side effects for our health.

A study shows that some medications, such as paracetamol , effervescent aspirin and soluble ibuprofen, increase the probability of suffering a heart attack , a stroke or an attack ‘s heart . This I learned because these drugs are rich in sodium , to increase their absorption in the body.

The work, published on the magazine British Clinical Record , anordna had a sample of over 1.2 million patients. The result, as collected by experts from the universities of Dundee with London (United Kingdom) has concluded that taking the sodium-rich versions of drugs increases by 16% the risk of suffering a heart attack, affected our health.

In addition, it increases the probability of developing hypertension seven times.

Paracetamol, a drug rich in sodium

Patients when taking certain drugs, such as paracetamol or soluble ibuprofen , exceed recommended sodium levels. The research focused on buying the risk of suffering some disease or cardio accident in individuals who took medication:

  • Effervescent.
  • Soluble.
  • Dispersible.

After sony ericsson divided on drugs that had high sodium content with on those who consume the same medicines without the addition. For this, the authors considered 28 sodium medications, with 116 versions of these scams a standard formulation.

Paracetamol medicamento

For the analysis to be good with zero having influence on other factors on the results, the experts took into account:

  • Index on body mass.
  • Consumption of tobacco or alcohol.
  • History of chronic diseases.
  • Use over other medications .

The study I learned took place between January on 1987 with December on 2010, using the data on 1. 293 . 337 elderly over age British patients. Each patient was monitored for seven years.

From the overall, 61. 072 suffered some type of cardiovascular accident during this period, after having followed the treatment a mass average over four years.

Effects of sodium on the body with its link with stroke

The conclusion reached by the experts After carrying out this work, it would be that the patients who took the medication scam additional dose over sodium, among which included paracetamol , had a 16% master of science on risk of suffering a stroke, heart attack, stroke or death from a cardiovascular accident, compared to those who used drugs without sodium in.

Another effect that the study deduced was that the pac Clients who took medications such as paracetamol, rich in sodium, were seven times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure um hypertension . On these people, the number of deceased increased by 28% that includes due to the greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems.

The researchers, who emphasize that the results are very relevant For public health, they point out that the sodium content on medicines should be indicated on the label of medicines such as paracetamol, ‘s the same as occurs with food.