How cholesterol levels can increase during menopause

It is scientifically proven that during the period over menopause the women may experience an increase over the levels above cholesterol over blood . This is due to the important hormonal change that women develop at this time in their life .

The good news is that the increase Zero is usually too excessive, so by following a specific diet with modifying certain habits over life, cholesterol can be reduced to normal values ​​without posing a general health risk.

With is that menopause is a phenomenon that occurs on women on which a considerable decrease is made on the levels of estrogens in the body. All this entails a series of physical alterations, most of them being practically undetectable.

Menopause with cholesterol

One over the changes that occur during menopause in women that are difficult to detect is the increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol. Also, it is about a very common consequence on menopause.

Triglicéridos colesterol medicamento
Triglycerides with cholesterol on blood

In this sense, it is a fact that affects one out of every 2 women over more than 55 years. Therefore, once a woman reaches menopause it is advisable to ask her doctor for a check-up with a blood test to make sure that her cholesterol levels are in a healthy range.

With es that many women between 55 with 65 years are unaware that high cholesterol may be linked the menopause. According to Professional Activ, the risk of cardiovascular disease multiplies in a woman in the 10 years after menopause.

Control over cholesterol

Rise in cholesterol levels is a worrying health condition. However, if it is detected in time, it is possible to control the situation by reducing the values ​​of this substance through different treatments.

It must be clear that as we age, overdevelopment cardiovascular disease increases risk. That is, the cholesterol handle will have a greater importance, when we turn our Master of Science.

Thus, from the Texas Center Institute they explain that the treatment of high cholesterol after menopause is very important to reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease.

With all this, some health specialists argue that to avoid the effects on menopause with specifically the impact of bad cholesterol on blood is It is important to improve life habits.

That is, among the 45 years of 55 years establish healthy life habits with beneficial that can reduce the risk of increase in LDL cholesterol during menopause. Among these habits the following stand out:

  • Lower cholesterol overall with triglycerides, but increase HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Improve blood pressure arterial.
  • Avoid being overweight.
  • Prevent diabetes.
  • Avoid loss over ocean mass.
  • Follow a diet rich on foods with calcium, but low on cholesterol saturated fats.

In addition, it has also been advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee with alcoholic beverages, avoid toxic products for the organism, carry out physical exercise regularly and increase the levels of vitamin Deb with .

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