Foods and habits to lower urea levels

urea is a substance that originates in the liver as a final result of the metabolization of proteins and is subsequently eliminated in the urine . Thus, when protein consumption is excessive or the kidneys do not work properly, an accumulation of urea can occur in blood .

Normally, when there is an accumulation of urea in the blood, it is enough to review the diet of the person in question and control the protein intake.

Elevated levels of urea are detected mainly thanks to a blood test. It is a disorder that under normal circumstances is easily solved, although it is not convenient to underestimate.

And it is that if urea levels are too high in the blood it can lead to the appearance of stones in the kidney and therefore more serious health problems.

Factors that influence uremia

The uremia is the term used to determine the presence of high levels of urea in the blood, normally associated with the consumption of proteins. However, the increase in this substance may also be due to kidney failure with very serious consequences.

Alimentos que aumentan la urea
Foods that increase urea

In addition to a diet rich in protein, another factor that can affect the concentration of urea in the blood is drinking little water. Likewise, many diets aimed at losing weight and increasing muscle mass can also have these types of consequences.

Thus, within the field of nutrition, water is one of the best alternatives for regulate urea levels again. And it is that water is an essential liquid to purify and eliminate urea, since it favors urination and the amount of liquid expelled through urine.

In this sense, when producing the liver a greater amount of urea, the kidneys must retain a greater amount of water to be able to eliminate it correctly.

How to lower urea levels

In addition to increasing the amount of water, reducing the practice of exercise to a moderate form will also be beneficial to reduce urea values. Although, specifically in this aspect, it is advisable to have the advice of an expert. in protein. Among them we find sausages, red meats, cheeses, seafood, cod, tuna.

However, under no circumstances should proteins be eliminated from the diet or the consumption of certain foods should be arbitrarily reduced. In this regard, it is convenient to have a specific diet plan recommended by a specialist with.

Although, another factor that intervenes in high urea levels is related to the decrease in urea urine production due to kidney problems, urinary infections or an enlarged prostate.

Similarly, diseases of various kinds such as diabetes, hypertension or cirrhosis favor the risk of liver and kidney damage, being therefore another risk factor for urea levels.

In short, to reduce urea levels in the body it is convenient to reduce the consumption of certain foods, drink plenty of water and modify certain life habits. However, for all these changes to be carried out safely, it is necessary to have the supervision of a specialist.

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