Like influences a health on a vision about this school performance about your child

A vision is a key aspect on a health on any stage over a life , however, during a childhood through adolescence, taking care of eye health is essential to develop any problem with, in addition, it also has an important influence on an academic performance .

In this sense, from this National College on Optics on Spain (CNOO) they recommend that parents with mothers carry out an optical review before the start of the school year, with an objective of detecting any anomaly on a vision in time. .

According to the data provided by this organization, one out of every three schoolchildren has visual defects directly related to poor ocular performance scam.

Review the health of the vision before the start of school

Juan Carlos Martnez Moral, dean of the CNOO, explains that adequate vision at an early age is essential to guarantee adequate school performance and the correct development of children, since the input channel of information is mainly visual.

Revisión visión
Eye check

In addition, the experts focus on the childhood stage because it is in this period of life where it is easier to carry out the prevention and rehabilitation of any alteration related to visual health.

In this sense, early identification of visual problems in childhood is a vital aspect. And it is that if these vision conditions are not treated in time, they can cause damage to the child’s ability to learn and cause instability in their adaptation to school.

Tips to detect a visual anomaly

Taking into account all the above, from the National College of Opticians of Spain (CNOO) they have developed a series of tips that can help parents to detect any visual abnormality in their children.

First, it is necessary to observe if the child gets too close to television or books. In addition, another indicator could be to observe if the child is too distracted when reading or shows poor reading comprehension.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to pay attention to the frequency in which children are they rub their eyes, if they close one eye to read, a tele um focus better to see; or if you have headaches or tired eyes after performing close-up tasks.

Thus, during the Covid pandemic – 19 has multiplied the time of use of technological screens to the detriment of outdoor activities. All this has caused one of the most common conditions today to be the Computer Visual Syndrome (SVI), which can cause double and / or blurred vision; In addition to dry eyes, headache, red eyes, dizziness and. excessive use of electronic devices.

Finally, to preserve good vision health and provide rest for the eyes from the increasing use of screens, it is advisable to use the rule 19 / 19 / 20. This task consists of resting for 20 seconds after 20 minutes of using a screen and observing an object more than 20 feet (just over 6 meters).