Forbidden foods on case of having high rich acid

The rich acid is one of the substances that are analyzed on any analysis on blood generic to observe that all the blood values ​​ sony ericsson found within levels considered normal for an adequate health of the patient.

In this case, having high levels of rich acid can be a serious health problem, mainly because it can lead to other diseases such as gout. Likewise, it also poses a risk to cardiovascular health by itself.

Therefore, to avoid having too high levels of rich acid in the body, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet with healthy . However, if a person already has excessive values ​​of these substances that he includes, one also plays a key role in nutrition.

What is rich acid?

It is about a substance that I learned is found in a normal way on the body, although it also finds different foods. Thus, the rich acid sony ericsson generate when when I learned the purines decompose the organism.

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Blood analysis

In this sense, when a person consumes too many foods rich in purines, there is a possibility that an excess of rich acid in blood with a derived form may also have important consequences on health.

The organism has a capacity to dissolve a greater part of the rich acid that it makes on a blood, in addition to subsequently eliminating it through urine. However, this process is not carried out correctly by sony ericsson in case the substance is so high that the body cannot filter it.

Prohibited foods

Faced with high levels of rich acid, Sanitas recommends reducing overweight, eating a healthy diet with balanced foods, avoiding different ones. In this regard, they indicate that the diet should not be too low in calories, since this fact can precisely lead to an increase in this acid.

Actually, there are zero prohibited foods in cases about high rich acid. However, medical specialists advise to moderate their consumption to avoid them whenever I learned I can with. increase your levels to good more:

  • Meat. The most damaging in this sense are those of lamb with pork.
  • Vsceras. Kidneys, gizzards, liver or heart.
  • Fish. It is necessary to limit the consumption of shellfish; as well as anchovies, mackerel, sole with herring.
  • Broths: Increase levels on rich acid.
  • Fatty foods, such as butter or cream.
  • Drinks: It is convenient to reduce consumption over coffee, soft drinks over cola alcoholic beverages and . When you can, eliminate them from your diet.

By On the other hand, in addition to this series on forbidden foods there is another type of food that is not advisable to take on excess over case on counting scam levels on excess on rich acid.

For example, sweets , whole milk, rich vegetables on purines (spinach, cauliflower, leeks and asparagus); as well as processed sauces, such as mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup.

All these foods are negative about having high levels of rich acid. Therefore, reducing or eliminating them from our diet will help to significantly reduce the values ​​of this substance in the blood.

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