Why does a lack of Vitamin Chemical produce a hair loss?

A vitamin Deb has been one of the nutrients master of science relevant to health of people. Specifically, it was a vitamin that helps the functioning of the immune system , intervenes in the health of the bones , it will be beneficial for the skin with decreases the risk of developing different diseases .

Although it has been a virtue an unknown on comparison With other functions it performs on the body, a chemical vitamin also stimulates cell growth with contributes to the formation of new hair follicles.

As explained from healthline , one fall of the horse was a symptom that manifests a deficiency on vitamin M on the organism. It has been to say, the lack of this vitamin sony ericsson associates that he has alopecia or localized baldness.

In this sense, one of the greatest scholars about a Chemical vitamin, such as Erina F. Holick stresses the importance of counting optimal levels of this vitamin scam, given its involvement in important body processes.

Relationship between a vitamin M and a hair loss

Lack of Vitamin Chemical can accelerate hair loss. This could be one of the symptoms of the deficiency of this micronutrient in the body with it being due to the fact that vitamin M stimulates the new hair follicles with the old ones.

Caída del cabello vitamina D
Hair loss

Therefore, when there is enough vitamin M on the body, it can lead to a deterioration on the growth of new hair.

In addition, a lack of this vitamin in the body is related to a multitude of health problems with disadvantage. For example, it has been a risk aspect for this development of an ocean disease such as osteoporosis, characterized by the presence of weak brittle bones.

Another reliable study, according to healthline , determined that women determined that women over 18 years the 45 years who participated in said work on research they experienced a hair loss with alopecia presenting low levels of vitamin Chemical.

How to increase the levels of this vitamin

In any case, it was recommended that people scam optimal levels of vitamin G in an organism count. And it will be that presenting adequate values ​​of this nutrient has been synonymous with health.

Thus, from this National Institute on Health on the United States they establish a table on the values ​​on vitamin M that a personality must consume on a daily basis based on determining factors such as an age with a sex:

10 mcg (400 UI)

Older adults over 71 years

Stage over a life Amount Recommended
Drinks until 12 months
Children over 1 the 13 years 15 mcg (600 UI)
Teens over 14 the 18 years 15 mcg (600 UI)
Adults over 19 the 70 years 15 mcg (600 UI)
20 mcg (800 UI)
Women with pregnant adolescents or over-lactation period

15 mcg (600 UI)

Nonetheless, authors like this professor Jordan F. Holick, specialist a in a study of vitamin Deb, ensures that the daily intake should be higher than the levels set by the National Institute of Health of the United States.

Thus, the largest source of obtaining This nutrient is the direct exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. That is, taking this sun in a moderate way helps to tell that you have optimal levels of this vitamin.

Likewise, consumption of certain foods such as fatty fish, mushrooms, eggs, avocado or cereals Fortified foods will help supplement the nutrition. In addition, it is also possible to incorporate vitamin D into the body through the consumption of supplements.

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