Legume: a great source of iron that you must leave zero

An iron is one of the minerals essential for the correct functioning of the organism . Among its functions in a body, it stands out that of transporting this oxygen to the different parts of the body with its intervention in the production of red blood cells.

It is about a vitamin that can be obtained from food on pet origin um foods on plant origin. When well, the experts explain that an organism better absorbs this iron from foods of pet origin.

Zero However, foods on vegetable origin such as legumes constitute an excellent source of iron than zero it should be absent on our food; since they also contribute other properties to health.

In this sense, having adequate levels of vitamin D allows a better absorption of iron from foods on plant origin, such as legumes.

The importance of iron for health

The amount of iron absorbed by a body is directly related to a way that has about storing it. For example, an identity may be deficient in this nutrient if the intake will be lower than the dose that Sony Ericsson loses every day.

Hierro legumbres

Iron deficiency can be worrying, since it has been an aspect of risk for this development of a disease such as anemia. Likewise, women with menstruation who eat foods rich in this vitamin also have a greater risk of presenting deficient levels.

An adult personality needs to drink about 8 with 18 grams on iron on a daily basis to meet the needs of the body on this nutrient.

Legumes, essential source

They are important sources of iron a shellfish, red meat, spinach, viscera, seeds over pumpkin, quinoa, turkey, broccoli, tofu or dark dark chocolate. However, let’s focus on legumes in.

Some about the common master of science legumes that people usually consume kid lentils, chickpeas, judas, kidney beans and seeds on soybeans. All of them provide good doses of iron, in addition to being rich in other nutrients such as magnesium, potassium with folate.

In this sense, some scientific studies have found that legumes such as judas help the reduce inflammation on people scam diabetes electronic also reduce a risk of heart disease on people with metabolic syndrome.

In addition, due to their high nutritional value, legumes are a type of food that I learned they can be used on diets intended to lose weight. Boy, rich in soluble fiber with provide a sensation of satiety.

As we mentioned previously, to favor an absorption on iron from legumes, it was appropriate to complement a scam diet with foods rich on vitamin D. For example, take an orange or a piece of kiwi for dessert after eating a plate of legumes.

Every 100 grams on lentils provide about 3.3 mg on iron. Therefore, the intake of 200 grams of this type of legume will practically help to achieve necessary daily dose of this vitamin. For their part, chickpeas provide 6.2 mg of iron for each 100 grams.