5 best tips to lower triglycerides and improve health

The triglycerides are a type of fat that is present in our blood and helps us to generate energy for our body. Having the triglyceride levels in their correct standards, I learned, has become an essential task for people due to the multiple negative effects that having these high levels generate.

Diet significantly affects one use on fats by this organism and for this reason it has been very important to have our well-controlled diet . After eating, our body converts the calories it does not need into triglycerides, therefore, we should not excessively exceed the amount of calories we consume per day since too many calories stimulate the production of triglycerides in a liver.

5 best tips to lower triglyceride levels

For this reason, about this article We are going to detail the best 5 tips to reduce triglyceride levels on our body:

Limit this consumption on sugars

We must use substitutes on a sugar to sweeten our dishes. When you are the sweet tooth with you want your triglycerides to go down, eat fresh or dehydrated fruits as desserts afterwards over a dinner for lunch. Use fresh to fill cakes instead of syrup and if you like carbonated drinks, look for those that do not have sugars; or a better on the cases opt for an organic drink in, instead of juices or commercial drinks.

They prohibit the sale of sugary drinks and pastries in schools in the Balearic Islands

Reduce refined cereals

Serve half the rice that you usually consume. Do the same with pasta at lunch and add more veggies to the sauce to help keep you satisfied. Choose to have a salty baked corn snack instead of a candy or industrial dumplings. In short, instead of refined cereals, try to consume whole grains .

Take care of the fats that consume

Add your salads with a tablespoon of olive oil with natural lemon juice or vinegar, instead of any commercial dressing. If you want to reduce triglyceride levels choose low-fat dairy, such as skim milk, white cheese. In addition, we should try zero to eat fast foods, fry the dishes using oil over olive with.

Dieta perder peso adelgazar
Foods to lose weight

Increase fiber intake to lower triglycerides

In order to lower triglyceride levels, a series of guidelines are recommended that have to do with fiber consumption . It is advisable to substitute bread for bread 100% wholemeal, consume whole grains, potatoes with their skin, with a tablespoon on essential oats on a medium with water on an empty stomach.

In addition, it is recommended to consume at least three pieces of fruit a day, eat a generous amount of vegetable salad before lunch and dinner, consume legumes such as beans, chickpeas, lentils and; take nuts seeds like almonds or macadamia with.

Try to lose weight

It is essential to practice some sport if we want to end the triglycerides that we do not need. To do this, we must do it daily for at least 30 minutes. Likewise, it is recommended to drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water a day, one before each meal, in order to keep the stomach filling during the day and not starving us.

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If you see that following these guidelines things are not getting better, it is best to go to a nutrition professional who will set the guidelines to follow and guide us with a personalized diet.

Other tips to reduce high triglycerides

First of all, we must have a healthy eating, which is low in the meals that we have mentioned before. Some of the recommended foods to include in the diet are the following:

  • Garlic : acts as a disinfectant while helping to reduce hypertriglyceridemia.
  • Vinegar apple : add it in two daily doses to improve these levels.
  • Green T : has many properties, and among them is cleaning the body.


  • Oats : necessary to control body weight. Provides many nutrients
  • As expected, it is essential to have an exercise routine or a physical activity that allows you to start eliminating toxins and negative fats from your body. This, added to a healthy balanced diet with, greatly benefit your health.