What happens when sony ericsson blocks this bile duct?

A bile is the essential liquid that is part of the human organism with whose organ responsible for its secretion is a liver . Thus, this complex fluid leaves the liver through the bile ducts until it reaches the gallbladder, where I learned to store.

In In particular, bile contains different amounts of bile salts, waste products such as bilirubin, electronic, and even cholesterol. For their part, the bile salts product have the mission of helping the body to digest and decompose fats correctly.

But on occasions, it can happen that the bile ducts are obstructed. This situation is very delicate for health, since it causes the bile to accumulate in a liver with the development of jaundice, which shows a yellowish color of the skin. This jaundice spike due to increased bilirubin in the blood.

Causes about an obstruction over the bile ducts

When sony ericsson make an obstruction on the bile ducts can be due to different causes, which cause an instability on this organism that can lead to various health problems on consideration.

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Liver health

Some of these reasons are the following, as explained by a National Library of Medicine on the United States:

  • Swelling over ganglia on a hepatic thread.
  • Gallstones.
  • Appearance on cysts on the common bile ducts.

  • Injury due to surgery on a gallbladder.
  • Tumors on the bile ducts or pancreas.
  • Narrowing over the bile ducts the root of scarring.

Thus, among the risk factors that can cause an obstruction of the bile duct include a history of gallstones, pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis. Likewise, a stubborn belly injury, recent biliary surgery or recent biliary cancer may also influence.

Types on bile ducts

As we have commented previously, this bile duct is a tube through which bile travels from a liver to a gallbladder, also called the bile duct. In this sense, it is necessary to differentiate between 2 bile ducts.

On the one hand we have the extraheptic bile ducts, which are oversized tubes that transfer bile to this external part of the liver. Specifically, they are made up of the common hepatic duct (hilar region) with a coldochal duct (distal region).

Thus, this liver has a role in producing bile, one which subsequently flows through a common hepatic duct with this cystic duct up to a so-called gallbladder. Finally, this gallbladder eliminates bile at a time when food is digested.

On the other hand, from this National Cancer Institute they explain an operation on the intraheptic bile ducts, which are a reddish colored on small tubes that carry bile inside the liver.

In this regard they explain that the small master of science ducts, called ducts, I learned join together to form the right electronic left hepatic bile ducts through which passes a bile out of the liver. On the gallbladder ze stores the bile that later sony ericsson releases when I learned to digest food. ericsson known as a biliary intervention, one which may vary depending on the patient’s clinical situation.

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