Be careful with this food, it can worsen the action of the immune system

The immune system is a complex structure of the organism , whose main mission is to protect it against the external threat of viruses , bacteria and infections. It is the main protection against certain diseases .

Thus, one of the key habits to strengthen the action of the immune system consists of an adequate diet, which incorporates the essential mineral vitamins for this structure of the body and.

However, there are certain foods that have the opposite effect. That is to say, its consumption entails a detriment to the habitual and normal functioning of the immune system. For example, white bread, sweet cakes and, fried potatoes or processed oils.

French fries, harmful to the immune system

Specifically, in this publication we are going to focus on French fries, and how their consumption can be detrimental to the correct action of the immune system in the face of any external threat.

Patatas fritas sistema inmune

In this sense, diets that include a high amount of salt often cause problems in the immune system. Excess sodium causes an increase in the activity of the kidneys so that the body can expel the excess amount of this element.

French fries are an increasingly consumed food among the population, although the truth is that most of them are high in saturated fat and do not provide any essential micronutrient for health. That is, it is a processed food that provides more negative than beneficial aspects to the body, due to its composition.

In this sense, the World Health Organization (WHO) advises consuming less than five grams of salt a day to preserve the health of the body. In addition, many medical specialists, in specific situations, recommend eliminating salt completely from their nutrition.

Harms of the consumption of potato chips

One of the aspects by which the consumption of potato chips is highly detrimental to the health of the body and the immune system is the salt and oil content. Only with a bag of potatoes the daily amount recommended by the WHO is doubled.

The oil is recommended for health, but as long as it is olive or sunflower oil included. However, refined oils are also harmful to health and the immune system.

By consuming potato chips we are also consuming a large amount of empty calories, which will not only affect the body weight. And is that most of these bags of potato chips are high in fat, sodium and calories.

That is, the chips do not suppose any nutritional benefit for the body. They simply constitute a temporary pleasure during their consumption thanks to the taste.

Likewise, the high intake of partner is related to a higher risk of hypertension, which in a derivative way can lead to cardiovascular problems. In this sense, people with high blood pressure should eliminate these types of products from their diet, since their health and immune system will appreciate it.