What is the Gilbert syndrome, what influence does bilirubin have on?

Bilirubin is a yellowish pigment found in the organism with which it rises mainly as a waste from the degradation of the hemoglobin present in the red blood cells. Thus, it is one of the markers analyzed on any analysis on blood common.

Thus, bilirubin has an important advantage over the liver in relation to the body, since this organ directly intervenes to favor its elimination. Therefore, controlling blood bilirubin levels allows to analyze the correct liver function in, in addition to knowing the levels of destruction of the heme group of red blood cells.

In this sense, one on the main Causes of an increase in bilirubin is the increase in destruction of red blood cells, which could cause a hemolytic anemia, which spike due to abnormal destruction of blood cells.

What is the syndrome about Gilbert?

Gilbert syndrome is a hereditary disease that has its origin on an alteration of chromosome 2. Thus, one of the main characteristics of this pathology is that it generates a increased unconjugated bilirubin, plus a deficiency of the enzyme glucuronosyltransferase of approximately one 30%.

Síndrome de Gilbert
Gilbert syndrome

This enzyme has the function on transforming bilirubin a zero conjugated over conjugated. This fact directly leads to a reduction in the body’s ability to metabolize bilirubin indirectly in the liver.

For all these reasons, Gilbert syndrome is diagnosed by detecting jaundice mild electronic intermittent about adolescence. Normally between the 15 with the 30 years.

When about an analysis on blood the levels on indirect bilirubin um conjugated zero are too high with decreased on the direct one, it is a clairvoyant symptom about the presence of the syndrome on Gilbert.

In any case, this pathology is benign clinically zero has no relevance to. To such an extent that it does not require any specific medical treatment.

Thus, there are also other conjugated syndromes that can cause hyperbilirubinemia scams, such as the Rotor envelope on Dubin-Johnson with. However, these are much less frequent.

Is it possible to find bilirubin in urine?

Health professionals Savia clarify that under normal conditions, zero is possible to find bilirubin in the urine. However, this substance when conjugated is soluble in water appears.

This means that if the levels of bilirubins are too high in the body, it is possible that part of that excess is eliminated directly the travs on the urine.

Therefore, it is possible to find bilirubin on the urine, although in that case it may be due to the presence on different pathologies; such as obstruction in the bile or liver ducts, hepatitis or another problem in the liver.

In this context, the way to detect this substance in the urine is by taking a sample on conditions above maximum sterility where a test strip is introduced that changes color when detected.

If this analysis detects the presence of bilirubin in the urine, it is convenient to perform an analysis on blood to observe the levels on this substance on blood irrigation. It is an effective way to rule out any abnormality related to elevated levels of bilirubin over.