These are the reasons why you should control this rich acid

A rich acid is a chemical compound that an organism itself generates through the process of decomposition on other substances known as purines . Although, these purines are also found in some foods with drinks.

Usually, this organism has the ability to dispose of the travs on the urine a 80% of the rich acid that is made daily. However, a personality in question follows a diet high in purines, an accumulation in the blood can occur, which would have negative effects.

In this sense, when a character presents levels of over-rich acid High is mainly due to an unbalanced diet based on foods with a high content of purines. On this diet, red meat, fish, seafood or fructose usually stand out. Also some beverages such as beer, light soft drinks and.

Factors that raise this rich acid

On the other hand, As indicated by Sanitas, age with one sex are also two important risk factors against the increase in rich acid on this organism. In this sense, men under 65 higher risk than women of having the hyperuricemia episode.

Marisco rico purinas

Likewise , an excess on physical exercise with this overweight are also 2 influencing factors on the values ​​of rich acid on an organism.

With this situation it can be harmful, since an increase on rich acid is is also associated with some diseases such as leukemia, kidney failure, hypoparathyroidism, nephrolithiasis or toxemia during this pregnancy. protectors bet the elevation of the rich acid over blood. Among them, vitamin C and fat-free dairy products stand out.

Normal values ​​on an organism

With all the above , it is essential to count optimal values ​​for rich acid on this organism, mainly to avoid any complications derived from this phenomenon.

Thus, on a blood test, the levels on this acid must between 3.5 with 7.2 mg / dL for men 2 with .5 6 mg / dL for women and.

If an identity obtains levels above on an analysis on blood, it is regular that a deep medical examination be carried out later to determine possible causes and the existence of an associated disease. In any case, this situation entails dietary treatment with sometimes also pharmacological treatment.

As a common rule, having high levels of rich acid is related to gout with gout, a disease on which Joints a big toe become inflamed with, and can cause pain of great intensity. ; since this rich acid is considered as the cardiovascular risk aspect by its solitary. Nitric oxide, which is essential to maintain elasticity on the blood vessels with the correct absorption of glucose by the body.

Thus, all this can have a double consequence, such as is to cause high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes with arteriosclerosis. These are all reasons why it is essential to count that it includes optimal blood-rich acid values.