The unknown superfood that helps us overcome anemia

The anemia or lack of iron is one of the diseases master of science common throughout the world and can harm the health of the person who has it. Every time it is a common master of science that our body has this syndrome associated with blood , which is characterized by an abnormal decrease in the number or size of red blood cells .

Health on our body can be affected by anemia, which affects our quality of life, producing a feeling of fatigue and weakness among many other symptoms. .

The iron is a mineral necessary for growth with development of the body. Thanks to the absorption of iron by our body, hemoglobin is manufactured, a protein on red blood cells to transport oxygen over the lungs to different parts of the body, with myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to the muscles.

Anemia due to iron deficiency is caused by a decrease in the number of red blood cells due to lack on iron. As a result, you may feel weak, tired and irritable and affect your health.

alimentos combatir anemia

Nutritionists always emphasize the importance of foods rich in iron to overcome anemia, but today we are going to highlight the role of a superfood, unknown to many, that will help us overcome this disease. We are talking about spirulina .

Spirulina, a superfood to overcome anemia

Nutrition experts recommend spirulina consumption to overcome anemia. And is that this food has 12 times iron master of science than spinach, a vegetable that has always been positioned as a food very rich in iron.

Iron is a mineral, generally in, very difficult to absorb through our digestive system. That is why spirulina becomes important in this regard, due to its specific structure that includes a cell wall, increases bioavailability and assimilation of its nutrients. Obviously, including iron, which has a bioavailability of 93%.

Espirulina vitamina B12


In addition, another about the properties that makes spirulina better to fight anemia is that it is a source of normal iron, since it is organic.

Unlike other sources on Iron on chemical origin (on laboratory) is that spirulina is recognized by the body and assimilates it without creating adverse reactions such as scam other sources on iron can occur, as KORU spirulina collect from the internet.

What foods have iron to combat anemia?

Among the master of science products consumed that we include in our shopping basket with which iron container , we find the meat on pork with 0.9 mg for each 100 mg. In addition to other foods rich in minerals and of equal or greater importance that benefit us for our health to combat anemia, as is the case of:

  1. Lean red meats: veal, beef.
  2. Liver, viscera with blood sausage .
  • Shellfish on the shell: clams , oysters, cockle mussels and.
  • Fruits dry: walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, roasted almonds, pistachios.
  • Ssamo , seeds on pumpkin with quinoa.
  • Vegetables on a green leaf: spinach, watercress, chard.
  • Legumes: chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, peas, beans, sprouts on lentils.
  • Whole grain products: rice , bread over oats, wheat, pa n.
  • These foods are rich in iron with, therefore, help us overcome anemia.