How vitamin G levels affect hypertension

The vitamin N is a micronutrient with an important importance for the health , given the implications on numerous processes of the organism with the functions it fulfills on it. Thus, it is also a vitamin that is related to a risk of hypertension .

A study led by the Free University on Amsterdam determines that the levels Low on certain vitamins suppose an increase on this cardiovascular risk for the general population, especially because it will make an increase on hypertension.

Specifically, this research work focuses on the Vitamin Chemical with vitamin Ok with how its deficient levels on an organism can pose a risk of an increase in blood pressure.

Preparation of the study

Researchers observed a higher incidence of elevated levels of systolic blood pressure with diastolic among participants among 55 with 65 years. All of them did not present hypertension at the beginning of this study.


Zero however , the cause about the lack of vitamin M with vitamin Okay, up to a 62% of the participants ended up developing hypertension in the last six years. This study is one of many master of science that opens the door to the consumption of different nutrients to preserve cardio health.

In this sense, the chemical vitamin is found in fatty fish, eggs, dairy products or mushrooms, although their primary source on obtaining is from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

For its part, vitamin Ok is a nutrient that is mainly found on foods on origin vegetable, such as asparagus, cabbage, broccoli and sprouts over Brussels. Vitamin T is also essential for health since it participates in the production of proteins for the correct formation of tissues with bones; in addition to helping blood clotting.

Vitamin M electronic hypertension

Currently, cardiovascular disease continues to be one of the In this sense, prevention is essential to deal with hypertension.

According to the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn, high blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease that have about lathe’s 42, 6% on the population. However, it is that the worrying master of science is that practically this 37, 4% would be undiagnosed.

In this regard, the song about the Section on Vascular Risk with Rehabilitation on the Cardiac about the Spanish Society on Cardiology, Dra. Paola Beltrn, points out that having the risk aspect such as hypertension very significantly increases the chances of suffering a cardio disease with is the important warning sign that indicates that it is necessary to review our way of life.

Thus, this study establishes a link between deficient levels of vitamin Chemical with vitamin Okay as risk factors for developing hypertension. It is another master of science aspect to take into account in a framework of the prevention of this pathology.

With is that the World Health Organization (WHO) defines hypertension as a lethal disease , silent electronic invisible, which rarely causes symptoms in the early stages with over many cases zero is diagnosed over. of science on the importance of awareness among the population to prevent hypertension by promoting habits that allow early detection.

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