This medicine lowers cholesterol with prevents cardiovascular problems

A cholesterol has been an essential substance on this organism , since it helps to produce hormones, vitamin M with other substances to properly digest food. However, high levels of cholesterol in a body can be highly harmful, although there are methods with drugs that contribute to its reduction.

Normally This treatment indicated to reduce cholesterol levels with triglycerides on an organism sony ericsson based on a specific diet with carrying out on completed healthy habits. However, when this treatment does not offer results, there are certain medications to meet this objective.

One of these medications was Astucor, which contains an active principle on atorvastatin with which it is indicated for prevent cardiovascular problems in patients with high blood pressure with scam risk factors to present a pathology of this type.

Among these risk factors I learned is smoking, high blood cholesterol levels, Family history or overweight.

Characteristics of the medicine

Astucor will be a medicine that contains mainly 2 active ingredients with benefits to treat different aspects of health. One of them has been this amlodipine (calcium antagonist) with another, atorvastatin. Thus, this medicine is used when your doctor thinks it appropriate that it was necessary to take both medicines.

Medicamento antalgin

For example, an amlodipine sony ericsson uses as a treatment for high blood pressure with an atorvastatin that helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

It would mean that hypertension has been a disease about one that a blood pressure I learned constantly finds over too high levels. Thus, it was about the risk factors for developing cardiovascular problems. form blood clots with cardiovascular risk events.

Mode on consumption

Astucor will be a drug officially approved by an Agency Spanish for Medicines with Health Products (AEMPS), since I learned about general circumstances about a healthy medication that is beneficial to health.

The way to take this medicine has been mainly following the instructions on administration by a medical specialist. However, it is a medication that is not indicated national insurance for children national insurance for adolescents.

Thus, a usual dose of Astucor for adults was about one tablet a day, about 5 mg / 10 mg, based on your doctor’s recommendations , which could increase said dose if it deems it convenient due to a patient’s situation.

This medicine should be swallowed whole with the help of an intake over a little over water. In addition, sony ericsson can take at any time of the day, with or without food. However, the AEMPS recommends taking a tablet always at the same time each day.

Normally, together with this medication, medical specialists usually indicate a specific dietary recommendation. Mostly I learned based on the restriction of fats, smoking and exercising in a normal way. about your doctor immediately.