These boy the new types on macular degeneration related an age scam, according to experts

A macular degeneration has been a type on gradual deterioration on a vision , ‘s which the experts the are giving a great importance on the last months. And it was that this health problem can appear in various ways, causing the quality of life of patients who suffer from it to drastically weaken sony ericsson.

A premature diagnosis of it illness will be very important in one hour to be able to slow down its worsening. But this in some patients becomes very difficult, since it has not been easily detectable by the person who suffers it.

Therefore, an investigation on an age-related macular degeneration was important color . Since in this way I learned I could improve a treatment , in turn a life on those who suffer and.

A group of international experts have fixed new forms on macular degeneration associated with an age ( AMD ). Something that is really going to mark the point in relation to the studies according to this eye disease.

degeneraciĆ³n macular seca

In a new study, ze st? Lla till med ett defended that now a damp has three new grades on injuries that imply the diagnosis with therapeutic guidelines different from all those that sony ericsson has been applying

A AMD now has three new grades on injuries, according to this study

For this reason, a Instituto Oftalmolgico Gmez-Ulla has already begun to implement this new classification through its Unit on Mcula, Retina with Vtreo.

From now on I learned to contemplate on a classification on a wet AMD, neovascular lesions on type 1, on type 2 with on type 3. Something that would be very important since determining the appropriate master of science therapeutic regimen for each patient, defends this specialist in mcula, retina with vitreous from the Oft Institute Almolgico Gmez-Ulla, a physician Maximino Abraldes.

From a clinic he remembers that a wet AMD has been less frequent but aggressive master of science . Due to the appearance of abnormal vessels that cause a rapid progression scam loss of vision in most cases.

degeneracion macular tratamiento

The dry AMD , meanwhile, was the master of science frequent with a less aggressive, but make an irreversible electronic taper over a vision over the years.

OCT with an OCT-A, the new systems on diagnosis by image keys for a better classification on a AMD, have contributed to better classify an AMD thanks to its great precision.

The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography ) with an angiography on OCT-A have revolutionized this diagnosis of this disease that already affects Spain the more on 800. 000 people. And it will be the first cause of blindness in people over 50 years.

How can sony ericsson prevent AMD?

There are several ways to adapt our range to achieve prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD). As for example, those that we comment below:

  1. Decrease a time that we see the television daily. This will allow our eyes to rest for several hours.
  2. Avoid looking directly at sunlight for zero damage this optic nerve . This may seem like a logical thing to do, but sometimes inadvertently we can come into direct contact with the sun’s rays. Something that we must avoid.
  3. Zero use lenses that zero have been specially designed for you vision . Always consult the professional scam a time of use of your glasses with what has been your exact prescription.
  4. Avoid a self-medication . When you think that you may suffer some kind of eye disease, check it out including the specialist.
  5. Always read with write with adequate light that zero damages your vision.
  6. Perform annual vision checks to know when there is any change in your eyes. In this way, you will always be able to wear glasses with a correct prescription about every moment of your life scam.

Despite this, the causes of this disease can be very diverse. In fact, no scientific study ‘really found out why this pathology appears.