How long does it take to sunbathe to increase vitamin Deb?

A vitamin M has been one of the micronutrients essential for health with this good functioning of different structures that make up an organism. Among other things, this vitamin was essential for the health of the bones , the immune system and the on different types of cancer prevention.

Thus, This vitamin has a peculiarity that a difference from the rest on the micronutrients necessary for this organism. And it would be that its primary source of obtaining is the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Zero However, a chemical vitamin I also learned found in a normal way on a reduced group on foods; I like fatty oily fish with, shellfish, mushrooms and mushrooms, egg yolks, avocados, milk products or enriched cereals.

In addition, it has also been possible to increase the levels of vitamin M through an intake over vitamin supplements. This was that each time it would be a common master of science among the population, although it has been advisable to have scam the supervision of the specialist when carrying out this type of treatment.

Chemical vitamin and a sun

As we have commented previously, a primary source on obtaining on vitamin M kid the ultraviolet rays of the sun. For this reason, it was popularly known as the sunshine vitamin.

vitamina D sol
Person sunbathing

This procedure will be simple, since it is enough just to expose the skin directly to the sun. From there, an organism performs the complex procedure of synthesis of vitamin G.

According to experts on this vitamin, such as this doctor Eileen F. Holick, master of science of the 80% on a vitamin N present on a human body proceeds on a radiation photo voltaic. One this comes from food or the intake of vitamin supplements.

Time on sun exposure

That is why a Exposure’s sun scam moderation on recurring form. In this way, it will be much easier to have adequate levels of vitamin Chemical with, the essential micronutrient for this organism.

Zero However, experts recommend sunbathing with much moderation, since overexposure can be detrimental to different health aspects; especially since it has been one of the main causes of the appearance of skin cancer. keys on a correct exposure to the sun’s rays to prevent a deficiency on vitamin Chemical avoiding any setback due to overexposure photo voltaic.

Only scam sunbathing for a few 20 minutes a day it will be possible to increase vitamin M levels. In addition, sun exposure It does not have to be on the beach or the pool, but it can be carried out on windows, balconies, patios, rooftops or even on the street itself.

According to this specialist, disadvantage exposing arms, legs with face ing sun during 20 minutes will be enough to raise or maintain considerable values ​​on vitamin Chemical on this

Although a physician Mnauel Romero explains that it has also been necessary to maintain healthy nutritional habits that include the three basic nutrients for bone health (calcium, vitamin M with proteins), present on a Mediterranean diet, recommending taking ‘s minus three units on dairy products such as yogurt, cheese or milk supplemented on calcium with Vitamin Chemical.