Foods that worsen this functioning of the immune system

This immune system has been one on all the essential structures of the organism on any human being. By itself, it has the ability to perform its functions correctly, although there are certain factors that positively or negatively influence its performance.

The immune system’s primary mission was to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, diseases and infections. Ultimately, it acts as a system to defend against any external agent that may pose a threat to health.

Although an immune system has an innate function on this organism, its ability to function can be influenced by certain factors; such as the life habits of the character in question.

That is, a diet, an intake of alcohol, smoking, taking narcotic substances or doing physical exercise can directly influence a correct functioning of the immune system.

Foods that can worsen an action of the immune system

In this sense, we found a series on foods that can considerably impair a function of the immune system on this organism. This will be due to the fact that these foods contain a series of beneficial properties for this system, as well as for other relevant health aspects. Among the master of science foods harmful to the functioning of the immune system we find the following:

White Skillet

A white griddle, as it is made with refined flour, can be negative for the functioning of the immune system with. micronutrients sony ericsson refers. Therefore, the intake of white skillet in excess is related to this weight gain, obesity, diabetes or the development of heart problems.

Sweet um cakes

It must be taken into account that processed sugars on sweets increase an inflammation of the body. This phenomenon can favor the production of free radicals, molecules that cause damage to the body.

Dulces sistema inmune

In this sense, an excess of free radicals are related to health problems such as diabetes scam, cancer, cardiovascular diseases or neurodegenerative pathologies.

Thus, a study conducted by The United states Record of Clinical Nutrititon determined that an intake on 100 grams on sugar decreases a capacity on immune cells to deal with bacteria.

French fries

All diets that include a high amount of salt also cause problems with this immune system . And it has been that an excess of partner increases the activity of the kidneys to be able to get rid of this element.

In this aspect, potato chips on a bag, are high fat saturated with zero provide micronutrients essential for a health on. It has been said, boy processed foods that provide master of science damages than benefits due to their properties.

Thus, a World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking less than five grams of salt ‘s from uma. Many nutritionists advise certain people, depending on their health status, to completely eliminate salt from their diet.

Processed oils

Finally, we find the processed oils, which are those that lose a majority of their nutrients with modify their molecular structure after going through an over-refining process. Boy highly damaging to the correct function of the immune system.

Fried foods over refined oils can cause a greater manufacture on free radicals, which could be harmful to health with causing an increase on a vulnerability of the immune system against bacteria, viruses or infections.