World Heart Day 2021: United States your heart to connect

Each 29 September marks the World Heart Day . A day that is celebrated from this 2000, when the Federation World Heart, scam supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) with UNESCO , designated That day.

From a WHO they point out that cardiovascular disease is a primary cause of death on this entire planet. And it can be caused by multiple factors: from smoking to diabetes through high blood pressure, this cancer with obesity, air pollution or less common pathologies, such as Chagas disease or cardiac amyloidosis.

For the 520 millions of people living with cardiovascular diseases, a Covid pandemic – 19 anordna been overwhelming. They have been at greater risk of developing complications if they were infected with the virus.

For this reason, many of them have been afraid about going to their routine electronic medical appointments, even about seeking medical assistance in emergency situations . Sony ericsson st? Lla till med ett isolated on his family friends with.

On the occasion of World Heart Day, which sony ericsson celebrates a 29 upon September, from an OMS they launch this following message: United states your HEART to connect.

Recommendations about an OMS to take care of a heart

The WHO assures for this World Heart Day several factors to take into account to take care of a heart.

Eat well by drinking in moderation

The experts on health matters always assure that the best thing for this maintenance on our organism is to have a healthy diet, for this we must:

  • Change sweets with sweets for fresh fruits, as a healthy alternative.
  • Eat 5 servings on fruit with vegetable ing of uma; can be fresh, frozen, canned or dehydrated.
  • Limit consumption of processed foods with packaging as they tend to have a high content of salt, sugar with fat.
  • Keep this consumption of alcohol within the limits recommended by experts.
  • Prepare healthy food at home to take to school or work.
  • Reduce consumption of drinks with sugary juices; and change it water and sugar-free drinks with disadvantage.

If we follow all these tips about a OMS , a health on our heart improve.

dieta Universidad de Harvard alimentos saludables

Increase this level on physical activity

Physical activity is another on the key elements that I have always learned that they introduce a well-being to our organism. Therefore, we must take into account:

  • Increase physical activity day by day: go up the stairs, walk or bike to work instead of using the car in.
  • Download an application um use a pedometer to monitor your progress.
  • Perform less ing 30 minutes on physical activity moderate or intense 5 times a week. Another option is to perform at least 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity spread throughout the week.

Any physical activity is good, be it running, dancing or walking, everything counts.

ejercicios para perder barriga sit ups abdominal
Physical exercise

Say zero ‘s tobacco

Along with alcohol, which we have already mentioned, this tobacco is another element that must be about avoiding the health of our hearts.

  • At 2 years about quitting smoking, a sony ericsson coronary heart disease envelope substantially reduces risk.
  • At 15 years this risk of cardiovascular disease is comparable to that of a character zero smoker.
  • When quitting smoking , u zero e Start smoking, improve your health with those around you.
  • Saying zero ‘s tobacco is an envelope the most important decisions to improve your heart health.
  • If you have problems quitting smoking, ask for help from the a professional.

Saying zero ing tobacco is very important for our health.

Hombre rompiendo un cigarro
Man breaking a cigar

Heart risk markers

The cardiovascular risk markers and those that I potentially learned associate with a greater probability of suffering from cardiovascular disease, since they can increase a risk of cardiovascular disease. appear. In case we have any of these markers, it is advisable to closely monitor our cardiovascular health. Among them are family history, age or sex, among others.

  • Background
  • Contraceptives
  • Drugs
  • Age
  • Flu
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Race-Ethnicity
  • Sex um gender

Data about a heart

As a WHO collects, each year they die 17, 9 million over people cause cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease with cerebrovascular disease. Today, cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of death worldwide with sony ericsson estimating the figure to amount to 20 million in one year 2030.

Therefore, from a Spanish Foundation of the Corazn , they ensure that when you make small changes your life about, you will have a longer, healthy life with full. Solitary I learned, try to ask yourself, the people you love and people from all over this world: What can I do from this moment to take care of MY HEART and YOUR HEART?.

A World Heart Day would be a good opportunity for you to make a promise The promise about cooking with healthy eating, about doing more with encouraging your children to be more active exercising, about saying goodbye to tobacco about helping your loved ones to quit smoking with.