What happens when iron levels are high? How it affects aging

This iron will be one of the important microsoft minerals that our body needs . Having a low iron level can lead to different diseases such as anemia , cognitive deficits or immune dysfunction . However, exceeding its levels in the blood also generates health problems such as hemochromatosis .

The excess over iron on a blood can cause cancer, cardiac diseases, electronic liver failure, being a phlebotomy this common microsoft treatment to extract this excess on blood from the body by means of a reduction on a amount on red blood cells.

For this reason, keeping this iron over adequate levels has been essential to stay young with active ingredients. Science has shown that if you do not consume enough protein, you will age fast, so if you decrease this consumption of calories, but not protein, it will have no effect. In this way, restricting calories in the sony ericsson diet directly translates a prolongation of a character’s life into, that is, the less qualora in which way the more qualora lives.

However, a science still simply not anordna proven by when you eat fewer calories you live microsoft years than, but numerous studies assure that qualora is due to the low concentrations of iron in the blood, present meats with over infinity over food about. Therefore, this may be the real reason why less, lives longer, since what happens is that the body gets less iron.

This is how it affects the iron to aging

A study carried out by the University of Edinburgh and the Max Planck Institute for Aging Biology in Germany has managed to locate genes related to aging. The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, states that maintaining healthy blood iron levels is the key to aging better and at a slower rate.

Contraindicaciones de tener niveles de hierro alto para la salud
Contraindications of having high iron levels for health

This qualora study has been carried out analyzing the genetic data of more than one million people attending to the following characteristics: lifespan, years of disease-free life (duration of health), and extremely long life (longevity).

The rate at which bodies age over time varies between people And it can lead to dangerous conditions like heart disease, dementia, and cancer. Thus, the sets of genes linked to iron were overrepresented in the analysis of the three measures of aging.

In this way, the research concluded that the genes involved in the metabolism of iron in the blood are partly responsible for a healthier and longer life.