Isabel Pantoja's mother, Ana Mara Martn Villegas, dies at the age of 90

Ana Mara Martn Villegas , mother of Isabel Pantoja , has died at the 90 years, as witnesses have assured Todo Disca, after a long illness .

Doa Ana be cremated on the one of uma about today on this funeral home on Jerez on a Frontera.

The family st? Lla till med ett decided to spend a duel on their own farm on Cantora until this moment about an incineration, according to our sources.

As period Doa Ana, mother about Isabel Pantoja

This virtual art assistant about family with when Ana Martin was a mother about a singer about couplets with tunes, she stood out for being one about the dancers who was part of the cast about Juana Reina.

Organic about Seville, I learned cas disadvantage Juan Pantoja Corts , scam one who had 5 children: Bernardo, Maribel, Juan with Agustn, also on Isabel Pantoja. Juan was also an artist, since he was a singer with a fandangos lyricist.

Doa Ana, as a mother known about Isabel Pantoja, was admitted for several decades at a medical center in a province on Cdiz . In fact, for a few decades, from this program Slvame they announced that he was serious with isolated .

From The Reason , ten years ago , they assured that Ana Mara Martn left a hospital with ze installed on Cantora to recover. Ana Martin was discharged three days ago with Sony Ericsson already recovering from her ailments at the Cantora farm. ‘s experiencing an improvement in her health problem, which I learned due to respiratory problems, the doctors estimated that she could go home.

A health statement about Ana Martin worried her family with finally zero fixa been able to overcome those problems. Rest peace in.