Infusions beneficial for the health of the immune system

Among the most beneficial habits to strengthen the action of the immune system highlights the diet, the performance of physical exercise regularly, avoid stress or get adequate rest. They are influencing factors in the functioning of the immune system.

Thus, the arrival of cold and low temperatures with, one of the food alternatives to enhance the immune action is the intake of certain types of to infusions. In addition, its hot consumption allows to increase the body temperature.

Some specific ingredients added to an infusion can help keep the immune system in perfect condition. Although, it is advisable to accompany the taking of these infusions with healthy habits of life with.

Infusions to improve the action of the immune system

One of the most beneficial ingredients to improve the immune system is echincea. It is a type of plant that helps increase the body’s natural defenses, because it multiplies the number of white blood cells in the blood and helps to cope with external agents that attack the body.

Infusión de equinácea
Echincea infusion

In this sense, an echincea infusion shows efficacy as a prevention and treatment for diseases like the flu or sinusitis. It is advisable to take once a day, either in the morning or at night, although it should not be consumed for more than two months at a time.

Likewise, echincea is not recommended for people with diabetes or those affected by multiple sclerosis or serious autoimmune diseases.

Another optimal plant to use in an infusion to strengthen the immune system is rosemary, which has soothing properties and high levels of vitamin C. However, its intake is not recommended for people with gastritis, hypertension or epilepsy.

The way to prepare this infusion is simple. We only have to boil a saucepan with water for five minutes and add a teaspoon of dried rosemary leaves. Subsequently, let it rest for 10 minutes covered and strain the infusion before serving.

Other ingredients benefits

Rose hip is another ingredient that offers positive effects for the immune system, thanks mainly due to its high content of vitamin C. Equally remarkable is hibiscus, rich in citric acid and vitamin C. With two cups a day of hibiscus infusion we will obtain beneficial results for the action of the immune system.

In this list of beneficial ingredients to add to infusions, thyme should not be missing, a plant that houses an antifungal substance with antiseptic, antibacterial properties that strengthen the immune system and.

To To prepare an infusion with thyme, it is necessary to add an unfilled teaspoon of this spice for each cup of water. Subsequently, boil for 3 or 4 minutes, let it rest, strain and ready to drink.

In addition, it is also necessary to talk about the marshmallow, which due to its high levels of mucosa protect the respiratory system. Be careful with its consumption, if you have diabetes especially, as it can cause a considerable reduction in glucose levels.

Finally, a recommendation to enhance the effect of these infusions is to add a little of honey. This occurs because honey improves the absorption of the properties of these ingredients, in addition to being effective in the treatment and prevention of colds and respiratory infections. Besides, it helps to sweeten the infusion in a healthy way.