How does beer consumption affect rich acid levels?

High consumption of beer can cause an increase in the levels of rich acid in blood . That is, excessive intake of this alcoholic beverage can be an important risk factor for the development of a disease known as gout .

As stated by Dr. Eliseo Pascual, from the Rheumatology Section of the General University Hospital of Alicante.

When the organism presents high levels of rich acid in blood is known as hyperuricemia, the common cause of which is directly linked to the habits of the person in question. For example, excessive caloric intake during eating.

According to Dr. Pascual, lifestyle changes among the population have caused an increase in the number of cases of patients with rich acid high and, as a consequence, also those of gout.

From the Spanish Foundation of Rheumatology they assure that excessive consumption of beer, including beer with alcohol, as well as so-called drinks ( rum, gin, whiskey) can increase blood rich acid levels and trigger gout flare-ups.

Factors influencing the increase in rich acid

There are different factors that influence the increase in the values ​​of rich acid in the body, beyond any variation in lifestyle. Among them, age, the fact of being male or genetic predisposition stands out.

Gota ácido úrico
Person with gout

Regarding the profile of the patient with a greater tendency to develop this rheumatic disease known as gout, a man with more than forty years of age stands out and is accompanied by obesity, arterial hypertension or dyslipidemia, all of them cardiovascular risk factors , conclude that for the moment we can demonstrate that elevated rich acid is also elevated.

On the other hand, in the last decades different studies have been carried out on hyperuricemia. However, although in Spain there is no concrete data in this regard, Dr. Pascual assures that around the 20% of the population could present this problem.

Thus, this specialist in the field explains that in the case of the relationship of the increase in acid levels rich and cardiovascular risk, for example, I know that there is a small association between the two, but we could not find a direct relationship.

Underdiagnosed pathology

Taking into account the existing difficulties when checking the health status of people with high rich acid, experts such as Dr. Eliseo Pascual points out that it is an underdiagnosed pathology. And is that in episodes of hyperuricemia do not always have to appear pain symptoms.

In another vein, he warns that what has been shown is that patients whose hyperuricemia has already been transformed into gout, they have a greater risk of suffering arteriosclerosis. It is a disease that causes persistent inflammation due to the formation of urate crystal deposits in the joints and nearby structures as a result of hyperuricemia.

Therefore, in patients who develop gout due to having high levels of rich acid increases the risk of diseases such as myocardial infarction.