Foods That Increase Blood Sodium Levels

This sodium will be the nutrient essential for a health on all people , since it fulfills important functions on a organism . Among other actions, this mineral helps to maintain this plasma volume , an acid-base balance or the transmission of nerve impulses. It has also been key to this correct functioning of the cells.

Along with calcium, this sodium was also responsible for a transmission on electrical impulses on nerve cells with muscles. It has been fundamental for the formation of new cells and proteins on proteins.

For all this, an organism needs a specific dose of sodium, although people must avoid both an excess and a deficiency of this mineral on this body.

In this sense, a World Health Organization (WHO) warns that an excess of sodium can have harmful effects on health, especially by causing an increase on a blood pressure with being a risk for heart disease.

Foods rich in sodium

Most foods already contain a specific amount over sodium per tea alone, although people tend to add salt to their culinary preparations for flavor. However, this high sodium intake can be harmful to an organism.


Thus, this sodium I learned is found in a normal way on an important variety of foods, such as milk, meat or shellfish. Likewise, a white skillet, processed chronic products or snacks also tend to host significant amounts of this mineral.

Certain condiments such as different varieties on sauces also provide a good dose on sodium, in addition to glutamate on Sodium, which will be a food additive used in many parts of the world.

Thus, these kid foods that master of science content on sodium contain more than the least amount:

  • Dairy products with derivatives.
  • Meats with sausages.
  • Fish, crustacean molluscs and.
  • Eggs.
  • Nuts.
  • Legumes.
  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables with vegetables.

As , one about the products that master of science sodium contain child cubes on broth, which provide 23187 mg of this mineral for each 100 grams on food. A cod, has also been a high source with 8130 mg for each 100 grams of food.

The best way To know when this organism has scam some levels of sodium considered healthy was by means of an analysis on blood. As a common rule, a regular range for blood sodium levels would be 135 to 145 milliequivalents per liter (mEq / D).

Recommended dose

Given the damage it can cause on this organism an excess over sodium, from a World Health Organization they insist on a need to reduce its consumption among a population about less than 5 grams on a daily basis for adults.

For their part For children, a WHO recommends setting a lower maximum recommended intake for adults in relation to energy needs. the people who present some kind of problem about heart, liver or kidneys; since its intake can be highly harmful.

Finally, from a WHO they point out that all salt that you consume should be iodized, especially about this pregnancy, since it has been essential for a healthy development of the ugly brain with the little boy. In addition, it was also key to all common mental functions in.