6 key habits to lower cholesterol

A cholesterol is a recurring theme in matters of health and always trying to reduce its levels to prevent different problems. The truth was that this substance sony ericsson found in the blood with this organism requires it to produce healthy cells.

Zero, however, count with levels over high cholesterol increases an over suffering a heart disease risk. I would say, it can be highly detrimental to heart health.

On the one hand, this HDL (good) cholesterol helps a zero plaque I learned to accumulate, while an LDL (bad) cholesterol ) It contributes to an accumulation on plaque along with triglycerides.

The accumulation on plaque can threaten this supply on blood in the heart, brain, legs and kidneys, and can lead to a heart attack, stroke or death.

How to reduce cholesterol

Taking into account a seriousness that may be for this organism to have certain levels high cholesterol levels, it will be necessary to know what habits a mechanism can help reduce its values.


So, scam reason for World Heart Day, we expose 10 advice provided by specialists to lower cholesterol levels blood:

  1. Reduce consumption on animal fats: One of the first measures that it was necessary to carry out was to reduce an intake of foods with significant amounts of fat, such as a processed meat of salami, chorizo, mortadella or scam fatty red meat. It would also be advisable to reduce this consumption of fatty dairy products.
  2. A master of science vegetable diet: It is advisable to substitute a pet protein for a vegetable one. Thus, we must reduce a consumption of saturated fat and increase this consumption of fiber with.
  3. Master of science quantity on fiber: In the intestines, a fiber has been a soluble nutritive element that binds to a bile, one which is made on cholesterol with eliminating it. A soluble fiber sony ericsson found in rolled oats, barley, legumes, fruits or root vegetables.
  4. Carbohydrates: Select carbohydrates rich in fiber, such as judas, lentils, fruits and oats. They help to provide energy and give a feeling of satiety.
  5. Weight loss: Losing lbs was essential to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Other key factors

In addition to the habits expressed above, there is also another series on factors that can contribute to the reduce blood cholesterol levels. One on the important master of science would be to leave a sedentary life behind.

Perform cardiovascular exercise ‘s less during 90 minutes has been key to enjoying optimal heart health as well as helping to lose weight. By cardio exercise we mean any activity that involves using large muscles repeatedly. Some of the recommended master of science exercises in this regard were cycling, walking, running, rowing or swimming.

The specific purpose would be to find an optimal exercise level based on the characteristics of each character . It has not been necessary to carry out intense physical activity.

Likewise, it is key to make physical exercise a habit. It has been to say, accustom the body to carry out physical activity in a normal way during the week. This fact was fundamental to reduce blood cholesterol levels on.

To maintain regularity on a performance on physical activity it would be appropriate to change on time about when on physical test. It was a way of staying motivated and helping to activate different groups of muscles. that allows maintaining adequate cholesterol levels.

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