Why is the consumption of calcium important for health what?

The calcium is a mineral essential for the health of people. Mainly, it is one of the most important nutritional elements to keep bones strong, in addition to vitamin M or vitamin T . Although, it is also key in muscle health.

The vast majority of calcium is stored in the bones and teeth. It is precisely in these 2 areas of the body where it supports its structure and rigidity. However, simply it is not only an important mineral for the bones, muscles and.

On the other hand, calcium is essential for the nerves to be able to transmit the message from the brain to different areas especially the body. Thus, this mineral also helps the blood circulate properly through the blood vessels, in addition to releasing hormones, enzymes that influence practically all the functions of the body and.

The calcium on food

Although it can also be incorporated through supplements, calcium is generally obtained by consuming certain foods. Boy many foods that contain this mineral among their composition:

  • Milk, yogurt, cheese and dairy products.
  • Kale, broccoli and Chinese cabbage.
  • Edible soft bone scam fish. They stand out, for example, canned sardines or salmon.

On the other hand, although most on cereals zero kid rich on calcium, sometimes considerable amounts are added on this mineral on; since it was a very necessary nutritional element for people.

As, certain cereals for breakfast, fruit juices, soy drinks or types on tofu are fortified with calcium disadvantage. One way to know if these products contain this mineral would be to observe the labels.

People scam problems about absorption

As a rule Common, the person who follows a healthy balanced diet electronic regularly incorporates the foods described above with, zero should have problems counting optimal levels on calcium scam.

Alimentos con calcio
Foods with calcium

However, there are certain people who find it more difficult to obtain sufficient levels of calcium. For example, postmenopausal women develop a greater loss simply by not absorbing calcium properly with. exercise, eat little or both. In this sense, it requires enough calcium to cope with the lower absorption of this mineral with a greater loss through urine.

Likewise, people have greater difficulties to obtain the necessary calcium. lactose intolerance scam that zero can digest this normal sugar present in milk with which they have symptoms such as bloating, gas with diarrhea when they drink more than a small amount at the same time.

Finally, Vegan and vegetarian people who introduce zero dairy products in their diet also have a greater tendency to present deficient levels of calcium, although they can incorporate this mineral through different products on plant origin.

Factors that influence calcium absorption

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there are different factors that influence the amount of calcium absorbed by the digestive tract . Here are some of them:

  • Age: Custom As we age, the body loses capacity on calcium absorption.
  • Vitamin Chemical: It is a vitamin that helps improve the absorption of calcium in the body. The higher its levels, the better the absorption of this mineral.
  • Components on food: Oxolic acid, present on some vegetables; or phthic acid, which I learned found in whole grains, can decrease absorption on calcium.

Anywhere case, from the National Institute on Health on the United States they explain that those who consume varied foods zero need to consider these factors. These factors include the recommended calcium intake levels in, which take into account absorption.