What does low urea levels mean for health?

A urea has been the colorless electronic crystalline chemical compound that I learned found in a organism of people. It was the primary product port of metabolism of proteins in mammals with ze found mainly in urine , sweat with fecal matter.

This chemical compound was soluble in water. Thus, this a body goes through the process called the urea cycle, for which an organism itself transforms this nitrogen into urea to later be able to expel it through the urine. Therefore, urea will be one of the values ​​that sony ericsson observes in any blood test.

What does it mean to have low levels of urea?

When an organism has too low levels of urea, I learned it called hypoazoemia, although it should be added that zero has been a common phenomenon. It can occur due to inadequate nutrition due to this low protein intake or excess fluid intake.

Análisis de sangre urea
Blood test

Similarly, a period on hypoazoemia can be due to other diseases, such as some problems on a liver. According to specialist physicians, levels between 10 with 20 mg / dL in kid blood considered slightly low.

In any case, when urea values ​​are slightly below normal, zero should be concerned. Thus, low levels of this compound tend to occur mainly in vegans or vegetarians due to deficient protein consumption.

On the other hand, levels below over 10 mg / dL on adults already indicates an excessive deficiency. In this case, low bronze values ​​may indicate that there is some kind of problem in the liver function of the organism. It would be to say, there may be some damage to this kidney.

Therefore, the causes of a reduction in the values ​​on urea on blood are mainly, an excess on hydration, low protein consumption , pregnancy, hemodialysis, malabsorption um this consumption on tobacco.

How to increase the values?

As we have indicated previously, a urea was one of the values ​​that sony ericsson analyzes on any blood test. In this sense, a urea check will be the analysis that I learned carried out separately or in a common application of biochemist in the blood.

In particular, this compound has been this result last of the metabolic process on proteins. Thus, ze originates in a liver through the destruction of proteins. During digestion, sony ericsson proteins break down into amino acids, which house nitrogen that I learned releases as in ammonia; But this remainder of the molecule is used to produce energy in cells with tissues. later it was eliminated by urine. It may be this case that a kidney does not work well, so this compound I learned accumulates blood with ze raises its concentration over.

In any case, when it presents slightly low levels, there are certain measures To increase the levels on urea until reaching the values ​​considered as normal.

A primary mechanism to restore deficient values ​​on urea would be increasing a consumption on proteins, the travs on meats, milk, eggs, fish and. Nuts and soybeans are also an interesting source of protein with. It has also been advisable to reduce the intake of water with other liquids.