How to strengthen the immune system against colds and flu

The immune system is the structure of the human body that defends the organism against external agents, such as viruses, infections or bacteria. It is made up of organs, tissues, cells that work synergistically for protection and.

However, there are certain times when the person himself must lend a hand to the immune system; or what is the same, carry out a series of habits to strengthen its action.

The change of seasons is a period of the year in which there is a greater vulnerability of the immune system. For example, Spain we have recently gone from summer to autumn in, progressively leading to a decrease in temperature and other weather conditions.

In addition, we must not forget that Covid – 19 has come into our lives to stay. Despite vaccination, it is important to have a strengthened immune system prepared to deal with any virus, such as the flu or the common cold.

Strengthen the system immune to the flu

One of the most appropriate ways to strengthen the immune system against the risk of flu or the common cold is by eating an adequate diet for it. In this sense, it is scientifically proven that vitamin C helps reduce the symptoms of the common cold, although it cannot prevent its appearance.

vitamina C frutos rojos
Foods to strengthen the immune system

Thus, a latest report by the Immunonutrition Group of the CSIC indicates that for the immunological mechanisms of defenses to be carried out normally, it is It is necessary to have an adequate level of different vitamins and minerals in the body.

One of the key factors to strengthen the immune system against the invasion of any virus or bacteria is to carry out a balanced diet and varied. That is to say, in which they have room for an important variety of foods that allow incorporating essential micronutrients.

Foods rich in nutrients to improve defenses

To strengthen the defenses of the immune system against the flu, it is recommended to consume foods of natural origin, since these are the ones that contain the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and.

Foods with vitamin A promote healthier mucous membranes, in addition to helping to maintain the body’s natural barriers against infections. Carrots, spinach, dairy products or eggs are rich in vitamin A.

For its part, vitamin C strengthens the immune system against viruses and increases the volume of cytokines in the body . There are many fruits and vegetables that contain this micronutrient and.

In addition, vitamin E is ideal for restoring defenses. This vitamin is found in olive oil, cereals, sunflower seeds or nuts. Its virtue lies in its important antioxidant capacities in.

Thus, some essential minerals for the action of the immune system are iron, selenium or zinc. The lack of them can be detrimental to the body’s defenses.

Finally, the intake of infusions also represents an ideal food alternative for the immune system to be strengthened against any external threat. Among the most suitable ingredients to add to infusions we find echincea, rosemary, rose hip, hibiscus, thyme and marshmallow. immune, it is important to supplement the diet with that of physical activity with regular performance.