How to know when you are getting an adequate dose of vitamin M12

One vitamin N 20 was the micronutrient essential for a health with very specific characteristics. I only learned that they are found organically in foods of pet origin , such as fish, meat, eggs or dairy products.

Zero However, some studies assure that this vitamin is also found on specific plants, such as aloe vera; one which sony ericsson uses mainly medicinal penalties.

In any case, a vitamin B 12 will be a vitamin that performs important functions on this organism. It has been essential for the production of red blood cells and in the formation of the DNA of which every cell is composed.

In addition, its presence helps to avoid a megaloblastic anemia. That is why it is key to have adequate levels of this vitamin on a scam organism.

How I learned when I consume enough vitamin B 12?

In passes Like Spain, a majority of people take enough vitamin B 12 the travs about a diet, since ze deals with a vitamin that is present in a great variety about foods about.

efectos anemia cuerpo
Person with anemia

However, many people find it difficult to absorb this micronutrient within an hour. It would be said, sometimes it is not solitary and it is enough that it includes ingesting an adequate dose in, if not that this organism must also absorb the vitamin adequately.

With it has been that a process on absorption on this micronutrient was complex. First, this stomach hydrochloric acid separates vitamin T 12 of the protein to which it is attached. Next, the vitamin released sony ericsson combines that it has a protein released by a stomach, which I learned called an intrinsic element. Finally, this organism absorbs an intrinsic aspect with the vitamin of the Udemærket Group simultaneously.

In addition, a health situation on people could determine the levels of vitamin B 12. For example, pernicious anemia patients do not have the ability to produce this intrinsic element that it includes, with consequently they cannot absorb vitamin W 12 from dietary supplements with food.

People scam absorption problems

Thus, from a National Institute on Health on the United States, they point out that there are different groups of people that zero consume a sufficient amount of vitamin B 12 um find difficulties to properly absorb this micronutrient:

  • All the older people over 50 years.
  • People with autoimmune disease called atrophic gastritis. They produce little of the intrinsic aspect of hydrochloric acid.
  • People scam pernicious anemia . A treatment of this disorder is based precisely on the administration of large doses of vitamin M 12.
  • All the people who Ze have undergone the different types on surgery on this stomach and in an intestine they have difficulties to absorb this vitamin of Group B.

Finally, they also have problems counting optimal levels of vitamin B 12 people who consume little um no amount on food of pet origin. It has been true that there are alternative nutritional options, such as supplements.

In short, to know when you are consuming a sufficient dose of vitamin B 12 To count scam some optimal levels, the usual master of science would be to go to a medical specialist with proceed to perform a blood test. In this way we will be able to know exactly the needs of our organism.