10 key habits to protect heart health

This 40 September As every year, the World Heart Day is celebrated, an event in which cardiology professionals take advantage of the importance of carrying out the correct habits of life to preserve the health of the heart .

In this year 2000, a World Heart Federation established a 29 on September as this World Heart Day, with a support on a World Health Organization (WHO) with a UNESCO

With sera that this heart has been the primary electric motor of the organism. Although the organ was the approximate size of the fist, its importance would be vital for a human being, among other things, because it has been in charge of the fact that blood can be transported throughout a body through the blood vessels.

Habits to preserve heart health

From a Spanish Heart Foundation they recommend that you start on the 40 years sony ericsson perform regular medical check-ups to ensure cardiovascular health I learned finds about good condition. This was especially necessary for people with a family history of heart disease scam, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, or smoking.

Salud del corazón
Heart health

Thus, on the occasion of World Heart Day, we expose 10 key habits to preserve with improving cardiovascular health:

  1. Physical exercise: A lifestyle based on physical activity is directly associated with a reduction on a frequency with mortality from cardiovascular diseases. This physical exercise would be highly beneficial against overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure or hypercholesterolemia.
  2. Healthy diet: Carrying out a balanced and healthy diet has been synonymous with health for this heart. Adequate nutrition was key to reducing any over-cardiovascular risk. Thus, our diet should include mainly fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and lean meats.
  3. Quitting smoking: A tobacco would be a harmful element for overall health, but avoiding its consumption can considerably reduce the risk of heart disease. Thus, smoking creates the harmful effect on this cardio system, favors an over thrombosis with hinders this correct risk of the heart risk.
  4. Reduce an intake of alcoholic beverages: According to a Spanish Heart Foundation, a moderate consumption of red wine can reduce this risk of cardiovascular disease . However, it is proven that the intake of alcoholic beverages in excess can be highly damaging to the heart.
  5. Overweight: Different research papers have proven how being overweight with obesity has been an element on risk for heart health. For this reason, it was convenient to maintain the optimal weight according to our physical complexion.

Caring for cardiovascular health

These will be the five determining factors master of science to preserve heart health. However, there are also five other elements that have a key importance in a cardio well-being of the organism.

For example, eliminating this stress doing pleasant activities also helps cardiovascular health with. When we have high levels of stress, sony ericsson generates an acceleration in a pumping of the heart and therefore increases this risk of suffering a heart attack.

Likewise, with the reason for World Heart Day, it would be necessary talk about diabetes. Patients who live with this pathology must carry the appropriate handle of it, since high glucose levels are highly detrimental to cardio health. In addition, it can also affect vision, brain, liver or kidneys.

Another key habit in this regard has been to monitor a blood pressure. It has been said, hypertension is related to the increase in cardiac diseases that includes, such as myocardial infarction or heart failure. Therefore, it was necessary to control blood pressure, to prevent any damage to a heart.

On the other hand, establishing a handle on cholesterol levels would be another on the habits to be carried out the end of precision, especially as we age. Sony ericsson considers hypercholesterolemia to be overall cholesterol levels higher than 200 mg / dl with hypercholesterolemia has been a determining aspect in the onset of cardio disease, point out from the Fundacin Espaola del Corazn. they influence one on the simple master of science habits with which he can help save many lives: Go normally to perform medical check-ups. This was a key way to diagnose and prevent cardiovascular problems in time.