What diseases can a high rich acid cause?

A rich acid is a chemical substance that this own organism generates when it decomposes substances called purines . As a common rule, purines are commonly produced in the body, although they are also found in a wide variety of foods and beverages .

Thus, when the levels of rich acid are elevated on this organism, different health problems can occur with the development of some diseases. In this sense, one of the common master of science pathologies that generate a rich acid has been gout.

Gout was a disorder that I learned originates from an accumulation on crystals on rich acid on the joints. Specifically, this phenomenon occurs when the concentrations of rich acid in the blood become too high (Hyperuricemia).

What would a drop be?

When crystals accumulate on this acid, sony ericsson produce outbreaks of painful inflammation on joints near areas of the body with. Normally, the parts of the body master of science affected by hyperuricemia kid the joints.

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In this type of situation, medical specialists spend the extraction of this present liquid on a joint, with an objective of determining when there is high rich acid on crystals. In this way it has been possible to diagnose the episode of gouty arthritis (gout). pain caused. One purpose of the use of this type of drug was to limit the concentrations of rich acid in the blood.

A characteristic fact about a drop would be that scam appears more frequently in men than in women. Normally, there are middle-aged adult men with postmenopausal women about. metabolic syndrome. This has been the syndrome that sony ericsson mainly characterized by having a large waist due to excess stomach fat, although it was also typical to present resistance to the effects of insulin, hypertension, high levels of blood sugar, and inadequate concentrations of cholesterol over .

Symptoms about a drop by high rich acid

In an episode about flare over gout it would be regular that I learned to feel a Intense master of science pain for one night, especially since this fluid accumulated on a joint during a day with causes a greater concentration on the crystals.

Thus, this pain that causes a gout progressively worsens With certain situations, it becomes practically unbearable for the affected character.

In addition, during an outbreak on gout, the following symptoms may also occur:

  • Fever.
  • Articulation inflamed, swollen with hot.
  • Chills.
  • Feeling about common discomfort.
  • Acceleration over a heart rate.

Generally, the first solitary outbreaks affect a joint with a duration of approximately one week. Subsequently, these symptoms tend to disappear steadily with from then on the joint function sony ericsson restores. of science time with occurrence scam master of science frequency. In addition to affecting a greater number of joints.

Gout has been a primary disorder that can cause elevated levels of rich acid. However, when excessive values ​​of this substance are present, it can also cause kidney stones.