This is how blood pressure medications will save people with diabetes

Treating diabetic patients scam medication for cholesterol or blood pressure could save lives. As well as reducing the loss of health time due to diabetes in developing countries. According to the new global study published in the journal The Lancet Worldwide Wellness.

Around 80% of people with diabetes live on low-income countries with mass media (PRMB). Less than 6% of these people can access the care they need to control their diabetes and prevent long-term complications. Such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease or blindness.

This international research team, co-chaired by a University in Birmingham, st? Lla till med ett found that when this 80% of people had diagnosed, treated and controlled diabetes , a healthy life that patients lose due to diabetes will improve about 6% over 10 years.

This sony ericsson should mainly be a reduction on cardiovascular conditions such as heart attacks u strokes due to a blood pressure .

They see a need to expand a treatment on a blood pressure to combat a diabetes

Professor Justine Davies, Institute for Applied Health Research at a University in Birmingham with co-author of the The study points out that they had already detected a huge setback in the attention that people receive scam diabetes on countries with low and middle income.

A setting on global targets for this HIV with a fixed AIDS led to massive improvements over obtaining the treatment needed to save lives by improving a health, go on.

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Our research suggests that similar targets would certainly be Useful to improve a life on people with diabetes.

Definitely, now we must be able to expand this treatment on a blood pressure with a statin scam medication as part of our ongoing fight against diabetes.

Reaching the goals will also reduce deaths over the next ones 10 years over all s regions of the world. But the benefits are greater in some than in others.

For example, an Asian sub-Saharan Africa is a region with a master of science deaths from cardiovascular diseases due to a diabetes on a situation on departure. When I learned to hit the targets, the kills will be reduced to 27 for each 1. 000.

This study confirms that this approach will be profitable for all countries

After analyzing the health data on 23. 678 people scam diabetes about 27 countries, the researchers estimate that an achievement on goals to improve this number on patients with diabetes who receive the appropriate treatment for a blood pressure with which they take the medication for a cholesterol would be essential.

In addition to being one of the master of science strategies important to reduce complications of diabetes on Low and Medium Income Passes (PRMB).

Control glucemia
Control over a glycemia

Increase this treatment with statins a blood pressure over a 10% will substantially reduce a risk on cardiovascular events. While increasing this glucose handle had fewer benefits.

The researchers also found that, when sony ericsson factor in costs, an achievement on these targets over a majority over the regions of the world. world will be below the thresholds on profitability over a WHO.

A study reveals that taking a holistic approach on this type with treating diabetes with a arterial hypertension , in addition to administering a drug for cholesterol, has been profitable.

But it was possible that ocean master of science complexed control when countries are achieving these multiple goals. It has been necessary for countries to periodically collect nationally representative data to monitor the effectiveness of diabetes care in patients.