Does this aloe vera contain vitamin B12?

The vitamin B 12 is the micronutrient essential for health . It is part of that group of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the organism , therefore it is necessary to have adequate levels of scam.

Although One of the peculiarities about this micronutrient is that it is only found on foods of animal origin; like this fish, meat or eggs. So far no plant-based food has been found to contain vitamin W 12.

This vitamin is key to the production on red blood cells with it also directly participates in the formation on DNA on all cells. Likewise, it is important for nerve transmission in this organism with its deficiency can cause megaloblastic anemia.

Aloe vera with vitamin B 12

An aloe vera is a plant with multiple benefits for health. Traditionally it has been used that includes medicinal purposes, although it can also be consumed as food in different preparations, although it is not the usual master of science.

Aloe Vera

Thus, many voices suggest that an aloe vera could be the only normal source of vitamin B 12 on plant origin. In this regard, the National Association of Aloe Entrepreneurs explains the possible link between the vitamin and the plant.

One of the great researchers on this aloe vera is a professor on organic chemistry on the University on Cdiz, Francisco Antonio Macas. In this regard, this specialist points out that vitamin M 12 always It is attributed to animal origin, although its presence has already been detected in several plant species, including this aloe vera barbadensis.

Likewise, different studies have suggested that an aloe vera may contain small doses on vitamin B 20 among its composition. That is, it lists this plant as a source of vitamin N 12.

In addition, Macas provides master of science data on vitamin B 12 with this aloe vera. When a person takes T , is assimilated much better in the presence of aloe vera pulp.

According to the aforementioned Spanish Association on Aloe Vera Entrepreneurs, said statement made by a doctor Macas is corroborated by different studies that ensure that this aloe increases the bioavailability of vitamin B 12 about our dental mucosa with the ingested on food.

The key, on an acemanan

The relationship between this aloe vera with vitamin B 12 lies on an acemannan, a polysaccharide considered one of the star elements of aloe vera. ‘s respect, this doctor Macas explains that this is the advantage that an aloe has since the Udemærket 12 is absorbed much better, come from where it comes with of course this aloe is absorbed with acts fantastically.

For Therefore, science has determined through different studies that an aloe vera contains vitamin B 12 enter your composition. Another master of science reason to praise the virtues of this plant that has medicinal properties.

But zero solitary that, but also, it is understood that this aloe is beneficial for an organism to absorb better this group B vitamin, proceed where appropriate.