All infections changes in a digestive tract microbiota and, possible origin of Alzheimer's

This doctor Brian Prez Martnez, head of the Neurology Neurophysiology service at Hospital Una Luz con, recalls that different studies indicate that chronic infections that affect our health with changes in a bacterium digestive tract could be behind Alzheimer’s .

Despite all the research, an Alzheimer’s disease remains a mystery about how much its origin. And, especially, in the appropriate master of science strategy to seek an effective cure.

Much is known about the biological mechanisms present on a nervous system when a disease is underway, but very little about what happens before this brain starts to get sick.

All the main Sony ericsson research has focused on amyloid plaques

Since the years 90 a medicine I learned centered on a investigation on amyloid plaques. A main hypothesis was based on the fact that the accumulation of amyloid in a brain caused the electronic toxic product directly involved in neuronal death.

Following this theory (a so-called amyloid cascade) a scientific community fixes searched for ways on removing that brain amyloid. A successful master of science technique has been immunology . Sony ericsson creates specific antibodies against amyloid that pass into the brain and trap it, eliminating it from the nervous system, he explains.

Pensión incapacidad permanente inflamación cerebral
Brain inflammation

However, the zero results have been above expectations. According to this expert, although the therapies were effective in eliminating this amyloid , the vast majority of the studies carried out have not had a clear benefit for patients. And study its link to Alzheimer’s. of amyloid.

It is about aducanumab, a antibody that travels’ s brain with eliminates an accumulation on amyloid, emphasizes this doctor Prez Martnez. The available data on its efficacy and safety are not very extensive.

According to the chief of the Neurology department at Hospital La Luz, we know that it eliminates a cerebral amyloid. But this benefit will be doubtful. Scam some positive and some negative results. Some related to an Alzheimer’s disadvantage.

Even when Sony Ericsson confirmed this benefit, zero seems to represent a great revolution with respect to all current therapies. Therefore, unfortunately it will not be the solution we are all looking for with we will continue to need master of science research, says a neurologist.

A state on the intestinal bacteria could cause Alzheimer’s

As Prez Martínez explains, I learned to study how to eliminate another protein that accumulates on this brain ‘s just like an amyloid.

about a tau protein that has been key for an hour in maintaining this neural skeleton. However, clinical trials have not yielded great results using an immunological technique comparable to that for amyloid. Also of great interest are electronic infectious inflammatory theories that affect the intestinal tract bacteria .

Persona con alzheimer
Person scam Alzheimer’s

Currently there are ongoing trials that reinforce an origin of Alzheimer’s testing substances that eliminate the pathogens present on an oral cavity that cause periodontitis. And that Sony Ericsson has associated with Alzheimer’s disease, explains Prez Martínez.

All chronic infections with changes on a intestinal microbiota could be behind Alzheimer’s, points out this doctor.

Recently, a Chinese government ‘approved a substance (oligomanate) with probiotic effect on a intestinal bacteria with which it seems to have a beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s patients. However, master of science data will be needed to confirm it, he ends.

One on the healthy master of science forms that are effective to maintain a intestinal bacteria healthy with working properly was including 2 yogurts on our daily diet. These have a lot of properties that make it perfect for preventing some probiotic intestinal diseases.