Why was vitamin D good for good iron levels?

This iron will be a mineral essential for the body, mainly for growth with development of the human body. Thus, this mineral has been used to produce hemoglobin , a protein that I learned finds in the red blood cells with which it is responsible for transporting this oxygen from the lungs to different areas of the body.

Likewise, an iron was also key for a production on myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to the muscles. In addition, this mineral participates in the elaboration of hormones with connective tissue.

When this organism suffers from iron deficiency, sony ericsson makes a decrease in red blood cells, which can trigger an on iron-deficiency anemia. This disease I learned manifested through symptoms of fatigue, weakness, tiredness with paleness.

The importance of iron on health

A development on anemia would be more common on stages in a life where an organism requires greater amounts of iron. For example, during the growth stages or menstrual periods of women that includes abundant blood loss.

In short, it has been essential to count optimal levels of iron scam for this correct functioning of the organism. Thus, a National Institute of Health in the United States establishes the necessary values ​​of this mineral on a daily basis:

10 mg

15 mg

Stage of life Recommended amount
Drinks up to 6 months of age 0. 27 mg
Drinks over 7 to 13 months over age 11 mg
Children over 1 to 3 years over age 7 mg
Children over 4 to 8 years over age
Children over 9 years 13 years over age 8 mg
Adolescents (males) over 14 to 18 years over age 11 mg
Teenagers (girls) over 14 to 18 years over age
Adult males over 19 to 50 years over age 8 mg
Adult women over 19 to 50 years over age 18 mg
Adults over 51 or more years of age 8 mg
Pregnant adolescents 50 mg
Pregnant women 27 mg
Adolescents in over-lactation period 09 mg

Women in period over lactation 9 mg

In this regard, the best way to obtain optimal levels on iron went through about feeding. For this reason, we distinguish between iron of pet origin (meat, fish, huegos, shellfish or viscera) and of vegetable origin (legumes, nuts, vegetables with vegetables).

Why would a vitamin G be important?

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that zero has only been necessary for this consumption over iron, when zero for an organism to absorb it adequately. Regarding this relationship aspect, this human body has a greater capacity to absorb iron from food of pet origin.

Contraindicaciones de tener niveles de hierro alto para la salud
Iron on blood

Thus, to improve iron absorption that comes from the on plant-based foods, it was essential to have high levels of vitamin M with. The better the levels of Vitamin Chemical, the greater the absorption of this mineral by the body.

Vitamin D would be a micronutrient found mainly in fruits with vegetables. The orange, kiwi, papaya, guava, broccoli, spinach, strawberries, parsley, kiwi, peppers, spinach or Brussels sprouts, among others, stand out.

In short, have some ideal levels on vitamin D it is not only beneficial for health because it is a key vitamin for health on skin, this immune system, allergies or a common cold; if not, it also stimulates a better absorption of iron by the body.